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There Will Be No Party For You Young Lady!

Katherine Martinez , Laura Martinez

Sweet Latina step-daughter Katherine Martinez thought it would be a good idea to sneak out and go to a party without asking her step-mom first. But step-mom knows her cunning little step-daughter and her tricks and so she catches her outside in the dark only to bring her back home to be put in her place.

As the scene begins Katherine is escorted into the apartment by step-mom who caught her sneaking out outside. Katherine is tape tied and cleave-gagged with a black scarf as Laura makes her jump into the house. Katherine cries through her gag as Laura pulls up her party dress and reveals her beautiful ass.

Laura smacks Katherine's exposed ass and makes her jump even further into the apartment. Katherine is humiliated and frustrated. She has plans with her friends who are going to miss her at the party but step-mom has plans of her own with her misbehaving step-daughter.

Step-Mom makes Katherine jump to the bathroom where she put her on the cold tile floor. Laura reinforces the tape ties on her whining step-daughter and also makes her a couple of new ones. Katherine is hysterical and shrieks through her cleave gag which needs a more effective replacement.

Laura sits in a squatting position over Katherine's bound body and waves a dirty white sock in her face. Katherine cries out loud hoping step-mom will have mercy on her but step-mom is determined to go on with her plan and gag her step-daughter even better than she already is.

Katherine's cleave gag is removed and her mouth is immediately silenced by step-mom's hand. She is given no chance to speak in the transition from one gag to another and soon her mouth gets stuffed full with the nasty sock step-mom have chosen for her.

Laura tapes the nasty sock in Katherine's mouth with a couple of layers of silver duct tape to seal them in. It works. Katherine's moaning has become less clear and her muffles even more. Perfect! Step-Mom leaves Katherine alone to struggle on the cold bathroom floor and think about what a bad girl she's been...

Tape gagged Katherine writhe her duct-taped body around on the floor hoping to get herself out of her entangling restraints. She squirms and decides to make an escape attempt by wiggling herself out of the bathroom and into the nearby room.

Laura quickly finds out about what is going on and runs to Katherine before she gets any further. She makes Katherine stand up and bend over where she spanks her big beautiful ass again and again as punishment for trying to escape.

Step-Mom Laura realizes she needs to keep her feisty step-daughter under control in a place where she won't be able to escape and the car trunk will be just perfect for that. Laura escorts Katherine to the front door, opens it, and haves her helpless, tape bound, and humiliated little step-daughter jump out of the apartment with her...


Included in this clip: tape bondage, cleave gagged, ass smacking, hopping, humiliation, escape attempts, sock gagged, duct tape fetish, tapegagged, step-mother and step-daughter, Latina, upskirt, struggling, damsel, BDSM, gag fetish

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Tags: Brunettes Dress Bondage Duct Tape Bondage Humiliation Latinas Lesbian Bondage Tape Gagged
There Will Be No Party For You Young Lady!