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Tying Up The Cute-Ass Real Estate Girl


Khloe, a real estate girl, is showing Franco a house, unaware that Franco likes to bind and gag girls. They enter the house through the front door, and Khloe shows Franco around the house. Franco is interested in the windows and Khloe takes him to a special window outside. Franco says needs to do an experiment with the window to determine its strength if he is going to buy the house.

Franco takes rope out of his bag and Khloe asks him why he needs those ropes. Franco says that he needs to be sure whether or not to buy the house and he is going to need Khloe's help by tying her up. Khloe is not entirely confident about it but she accepts because she really needs to sell the house.

Franco ties Khloe's wrists in front of her and ties her hands strung above her head to the window. Khloe is still confused and tells him that she has never done this with any client. Franco takes a red ball gag out of his bag and puts it on Khloe.

Then we see Khloe getting angry and demanding to be let go. Franco unties her strung up hands but instead of letting her go, he ties her hands behind her back, bends her over and ties her hands to the window again! Franco starts laughing at Khloe and says that she is going to make herself some coffee and leaves Khloe alone in the uncomfortable bondage position to struggle.

Franco returns, teasing Khloe with the coffee. He has a metal bar, Khloe is worried about what he will do, but Franco tells her that nothing bad will happen to her and that the metal bar is also part of his window experiment.

Franco takes the metal bar and ties it to Khloe's ankles so that Khloe's legs are wide open. Franco starts teasing Khloe and tickles her. Then Franco tells her that if he is convinced to buy the house now, but with one condition and that is that Khloe stays tied until he comes back to check on her later.

There for a long time, Khloe is angry but she has no choice but to stay there, Franco leaves and we see ball gagged Khloe fight and whine!

Included in this clip: rope bondage, latina, ball gagged, strung up, gag talk, struggling, humiliation, outdoor bondage, real estate lady, bdsm, domination


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Tags: Ball Gagged Brunettes Humiliation Latinas Maledom Outdoor Bondage Rope Bondage
Tying Up The Cute-Ass Real Estate Girl