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Wrap Gag Me Girly

Kandy Cottentail , Pinkie

Even though sexy Kandy Cottentail can be extremely dominant when playing with gags and bondage, she also craves to be bound, gagged and played with by others. Kandy recently introduced her sweet busty girlfriend Pinkie to gags and made Pinkie experience her very first gagging ever, and today Kandy wants the roles reversed in order to see how good Pinkie's wrap-gagging skills are.

Pinkie ties Kandy's hands behind her back so she won't interrupt Pinkie during the gagging. With Kandy's hands tied up with a scarf, Pinkie takes a long white sock and thoroughly packs it into Kandy's moaning mouth while she makes lots of nasty comments to Kandy. Pinkie figures that the best way to keep that mouth packed sock in place will be to seal it in under several layers of clear packaging tape wrapped around Kandy's head - and so she does. Kandy did afterall want Pinkie to test her wrap-gagging skills on her and that white sock stuffed in her mouth now shows beautifully underneath the many layers of the clear tape wrapped around her head!

Kandy moans, mmphh's, and whimpers through her gag. Pinkie gagged her so tight she couldn't say a word but the gagging of Kandy is far from over as Pinkie wanted to show Kandy what she was capable of when she was given the opportunity to dominate someone. Pinkie wraps even more layers of tape around Kandy's head and over her already gagged mouth to enforce her gag, but it's not the same clear packaging tape she used to wrap gag Kandy before; it's silver duct tape and Pinkie uses it to cover up the white sock and the tight clear tape gag by wrapping it around Kandy's head over and over again!

Now that Pinkie's got Kandy tied up and gagged with a sock taped in her mouth, Pinkie humiliates Kandy by rolling duct tape around her arms and chest before she decides to give Kandy's big tits some very special attention. Kandy moans in a mixture of surprise, joy, and fear as Pinkie exposes her huge breasts and her pierced nipples. Pinkie plays with Kandy's boobs and whips Kandy with a nine tails whip while she keeps teasing her about that super tight gag sitting around her gorgeous face keeping her so quiet. Kandy is so turned on by Pinkie's wrap gagging skills and the way Pinkie humiliates and dominates her. Pinkie clearly shows that she's in total control and that she's got the power to do whatever she wants with her bound, gagged, and exposed girlfriend!

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Tags: American Busty Women Classic Content Duct Tape Bondage Humiliation Lesbian Bondage Romance Sock Gagged Tape Gagged
Wrap Gag Me Girly