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You Need An Orgasm!

Kitty Come , Layla Moore

My BBW little step-sister Layla has totally been getting on my nerves lately! She's kept an eye on me for the last two weeks while our step-mom is away on business trip. Like it's her job to do such a thing! Step-Mom don't allow me to go out much but since she's been away I've been going out with boys every night. This evening I return home after a great fuck with some guy I found on the internet only to find my little step-sister staying up late waiting for me. She tells me she's so worried about me and my sexual behavior and that I need some stability in my life. Who the hell is she to tell me that? I'm way older than she is and can take care of myself! I'm done listening to that big mouth of hers so I tell my little step-sister she needs an orgasm!

I stand up and take off my red panties. I've worn these panties all night long and that guy I just fucked made me extremely wet when rubbing my pussy outside these during foreplay. I make my loudmouthed little step-sister to smell my cum soaked panties but she's being pretty resistant. I'm determined to give her the orgasm I think she need to relieve her from all her tension for constantly thinking about me and what I do. I stuff her big mouth with my dirty panties and then I duct tape her wrists together in front of her. She spit my panties out of her mouth a couple times so I just stuff them right back in and continue taping her up. While I tie her ankles together she spits out my panties again. Seriously, this is the fourth time I have to stuff her pathetic mouth and this time I'm gonna make sure the panties are staying where they belong!

If you think I don't know how to shut up my step-sister you're wrong. I may be a petite redhead but duct tape is my thing. I stuff my sexy pussy panties back in my step-sister's mouth for the fourth and final time and then I go crazy with the duct tape, wrapping it all the way around her head so many fucking times even I lost count. That tape gag is heavy, it's tight and it's working like a charm! My step-sister is silenced and I love it. Next I tape both of her hands together in a praying position, like praying is gonna help her now. Haha! I then tape her fully duct taped hands onto her massively gagged mouth. It must be so humiliating for her to have her hands taped to her face while she can't use them to remove her gag. I'm such an evil big step-sister and I know it!

The time has come for my step-sister to have the orgasm I want her to have. I look at her crotch and notice she's wearing sexy panties. Maybe she is a slut afterall? I rub her pussy and pull those panties up her pussy to warm her up. Then I take my powerful magic wand vibrator and give her clit a little buzzing. Is she enjoying it or is she just fuming mad at me? Hard to tell, she's got my worn panties taped in her mouth! I'm not gonna stay and make my step-sister cum though but I am gonna let her have that orgasm. I care about privacy and wish my step-sister did too so she wouldn't keep an eye on me all the time. I tape my vibrator to her left thigh so it's pointing at her pussy and against her clit and then I tape those thighs together. I leave my tape bound little step-sister with the buzzing sound of my vibrator doing its thing and from the other room I hear how it's making her cum over and over again!

Included in this clip: tape bondage, orgasms, sisters, humiliation, bbw, redhead, bondage, lesbian domination, petite, dirty panties, brunette, wrap gagged, tight gag, mouth packing, muffled screaming, panty gagged, gag talk, tape gagged, struggling, barefoot, duct tape, bdsm, panty fetish, magic wand vibrator, pussy rubbing

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Tags: American BBW Bondage Bondage Orgasms Brunettes Classic Content Duct Tape Bondage Humiliation Lesbian Bondage Panty Gagged Tape Gagged
You Need An Orgasm!