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Young Scandinavian Babe Self-Gagged For The Very First Time
Scandinavian blonde Vanessa is in for her very first self-gag session!

Vanessa is such a flirtatious girl which instantly shows when she picks up her red ball gag and playfully starts studying it. She takes her time showing it off to the camera by making it dangle from her fingers before she teasingly starts licking it again and again! After giving a nice, long, and thorough show-off of her ball gag, Vanessa picks up a roll of clear duct tape.

Vanessa is such a little tease and once more takes her time to do an incredibly hot show-off. Like she did with the ball gag, Vanessa beautifully plays with the tape - blowing you a kiss through the inside of the roll and sending you incredibly flirty eyes as she starts pulling the tape from the roll to give you a better look at the tape she's playing around with. Now that Vanessa has shown you her ball gag and her clear duct tape, it's time for Vanessa to gag herself. She slowly puts the red ball gag in her mouth while looking so fucking gorgeous! With the ball in her mouth, Vanessa takes her time before she finally tightens the straps behind her head.

With her beautiful lips now embracing the ball gag, Vanessa sits quietly and makes you enjoy the sight of her tightly ball gagged before she rips off the first strip of clear duct tape. Then, Vanessa puts several strips of tape over her ball gagged mouth. Her ball gag looks beautiful behind the tape! After sealing her ball gagged mouth with tape, Vanessa picks up a pink pair of see-through nylons and crams them down over her head! Now that Vanessa's head is encased, she takes the roll of tape and rolls it all the way around her head tightly multiple times!

Vanessa looks so fucking helpless now that she's finished her gag and moans for a bit while you get a glimpse of the red ball gag keeping this Scandinavian hottie nice and quiet!

Vanessa is taking off her blouse in order to get a little more comfortable. She stands up and shows off her short sexy mini-skirt before she pulls it up to make you have a good look at her red panties - first from the front and then from the back! Vanessa wears the panties so nice and tight that you can see her the outline of her pussy behind the panties!

Once she's shown off her panty-clad pussy and spankable ass, Vanessa takes off the panties and lets them dangle from her fingers for a good while. Vanessa looks at the panties and finally decides to smell them... They smell awful. Vanessa says that she's been wearing them all day long which is why they are so stinky! Despite that Vanessa doesn't like the smell of her panties, she slowly begins to stuff them deep in her mouth!

With the panties in her mouth, Vanessa looks so pretty as she just sits there for a while and lets you enjoy the sight of her having her own worn panties in her mouth until she decides it's time to add some tape to it... Vanessa picks up a roll of white tape and slowly starts taping her mouth shut while she moans. 1, 2, 3 strips of tape are all Vanessa needs in order to seal the panties in her mouth. Now that Vanessa's tape gagged, she takes another pair of panties and starts studying them. Vanessa does a little gag talk about the panties before she smells them. Like the worn panties Vanessa's got taped in her mouth, these panties smell awful too! Vanessa pulls the panties down over her head with the crotch panel placed right over her nose!

She moans as she doesn't like the smell at all and decides that she must do something to secure the worn panties to her nose... Otherwise, she'd just have to remove them from her nose. Vanessa takes a pair of pink see-through nylons and encases her head with them. She ties the loose ends into a tight knot right under her nose, making the panties behind the nylons cover up her nose nice and tight! With a pair of her own panties taped in her mouth and another pair solidly placed over her nose under a pair of nylons, Vanessa now adds the final touch to her amazing gag. She takes the roll of white tape and tightly rolls it all the way around her head. Vanessa has just made herself one hell of a gag and shows it off for awhile until she can't take the taste and smell of the worn panties anymore and starts to remove her gag.

Flirty Vanessa does everything slowly in this smoking hot clip because she is such a teaseful lil' bitch who makes you crave more every single second!


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Young Scandinavian Babes Very First Self-Gagging Session