Sandal Girls Need To Be Tied Up And Gagged!

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Mary and Laika set up a trap for smart-ass Penelopé. They ask her over to help them with school/University work, but when poor Penelope comes over the two girls jump her, clamp her mouth shut, and tie her up very tightly with duct tape!

Penelopé is wearing jeans and cute strappy flat sandals. Mary and Laika are wearing jeans and sneakers. They make constant fun of Penelopé as they tie her up on how she is helpless now and that only little girl victims wear sandals. Winner girls wear sneakers. And sandal girls must be tied up.

Penelopé fights back and protests and tries to yell and talk with Laika's hand clamped over her mouth. To humiliate Penelopé further and to shut her up, the girls take off Mary's sneakers and her socks, stuff her mouth with the socks, and wraps her head very tightly with duct tape while she protests! Of course, the girls tease Penelopé about it with great pleasure while they are doing it!

Penelopé is a very vocal and a very angry damsel. She is constantly trying to speak under her gag and we clearly hear how muffled she really is, which of course is a great opportunity for the other girls to make fun of her!

Once Penelopé is tied and gagged, Mary and Laika continue to tease and humiliate her. They make Penelopé lay down with her face up as Mary pulls over a chair close to Penelopé's head and covers her face with her sweaty feet! Penelopé is very angry for being put under Mary's nasty feet!

Laika and Mary also play with Penelopé's feet in her sandals, sticking their fingers into her sandals, grabbing her toes andplaying with the straps. At one point they take one sandal off her feet, playfully spank her butt with it and hold it to her face asking her to smell it. After that, they put the sandal back on her foot, teasing her that she would not want to lose her precious sandals...

The girls then tell Penelopé that they will leave her bound and gagged while they go out but they will come back and continue to play with her later. Mary and Laika leave and we now watch Penelope struggle and try to get free for some time. She is very vocal and protests, trying to actually speak and yell through her gag as she squirms her tape-bound body over the floor!

Struggling Penelopé eventually manages to crawl towards the door when Mary comes back in. As her sneakers were still with Penelope, Mary has now also put on some cute sandals to go out. She finds Penelopé close to the kitchen door and grabs protesting Penelopé by her feet and pulls her back across the room. There she hogties her with more duct tape!

Once Mary is done hogtying Penelopé and poor Penelopé is all helpless again, Laika comes back in. Still wearing sneakers, she spots the sandals on Mary's feet and starts making fun of her... Mary protests and wants to take the sandals off, but Laika grabs her, clamps a hand over her mouth, and tells her that now that she's a sandal girl, she needs to be tied up too!

The scene fades and we see Penelope still hogtied on the floor looking at a now also tape tied up Mary sitting next to her. Laika is behind Mary clamping her mouth shut with her hand. She is making fun of her two sandal girls in bondage. Like Penelopé, Mary is also vocal and tries to protest making mmmphing noises! Laika takes off her own sneakers and socks and teases Mary. She very thoroughly stuff the poor girl's mouth and taped it shut with duct tape wrapped around her head as a ruthlessly tight tapegag!

Laika releases Penelopé's hogtie and drags her over to sit next to Mary so that the two bound and gagged girls sit next to each other. Laika proudly stands in front of her two bound and gagged sandal damsels making fun of them. She plays with their sandaled feet and suggests that because both girls like sandals so much, maybe you should swap. She takes off one of each girl's sandals. She teases them making them smell the other girl's sandals. Then she puts Mary's sandal on Penelopé's foot and Penelopé's sandal on Mary's foot so that the girls each wear one of their own and one of the other girl's sandals!

Laika is still barefoot and since her socks are stuck in Mary's mouth she leaves to get some new ones.

While she is gone the two sandal girls Mary and Penelopé struggle and try to get free and talk to each other through their duct-taped sockgags. As they struggle Mary tries to get her sandals off her feet in hope that Laika will release her if she is not wearing sandals when she comes back.

Laika comes back in to say goodbye to the girls - now also wearing sandals! Penelopé and Mary can't believe it and protests loudly through their gags as they realize that Laika is also wearing sandals! Laika tells them that only loser girls like them get tied up in sandals, not winners like her while she teasingly holds her sandaled feet in front of the girls tape gagged faces! 

Laika also locks the sandals Mary managed to get off before back on Mary's feet and tells the girls that she will make them a bit more secure to be sure her sandal girls won't run away...

The scene fades and we see the two girls Penelopé and Mary lying tied up on the floor with Penelopés face placed at Mary's feet and Mary's face placed at Penelopé's feet. They are tied together so that they cannot get their feet away and heads away from the other girl's sandaled feet!

Laika walks around and looks at the two helpless girls, satisfied and telling them this is how she likes them and that they should not go anywhere before she returns. She waves goodbye and leaves. We stay with the two tied-up girls and watch them struggle and moan into their tapegags for a few more minutes before the scene ends.


Included in this clip: tape bondage, sandals, foot fetish, struggling, tied up and gagged damsels, hogtied, sock gagged girls, duct tape fetish, tape gagged girls, hogtaped, barefoot, shoe fetish, girls wearing sandals, gag talk, angry gagtalk, gagging, handgag, latinas, domination, lesbian bondage, humiliation, hand over mouth, bdsm

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