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Maximizing Step-Mommys Mouth: How Many Socks Can She Take
Katherine Martinez , Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez
The time has come to test the capacity of sexy Latina MILF Laura Martinez's mouth. Having tested how many socks each of her cute step-daughter's mouths (Katherine and Maria) can take, it is finally her their turn to experiment on step-mommy.

Laura's daughters Katherine and Maria are following the very same procedure and gagging technique step-mom Laura used on them in order to maximize step-mommy's mouth with as many socks in as possible. Maria and Katherine give step-mom a soothing should and neck massage.

The sweet sisters stretch and pull each side of their step-mom's cheeks to prepare her mouth muscles for the huge mouth stuffing about to come. Then they slowly start the process of maximizing step-mommy's mouth by taking turns stuffing and packing a sock inside each of Laura's cheeks.

Maria and Katherine are thorough sock-packing their step-mommy's mouth and just as it seems her mouth is now completely full they manage to get even more socks stuffed in there until Laura's mouth is COMPLETELY packed! Actually, the girls manage to fit a whopping 10 socks inside Laura's mouth inside Laura's mouth.

With Laura's mouth completely packed, her step-daughters starts wrapping clear tape over her mouth and around her head to confine the enormous mouth packing. They then taunt step-mom by having her try to scream to test out her gag which completely muffles her!

Maria and Katherine move on and start to tie up Laura, blindfold her, and turn off the light in the room. They leave their sexy sock-stuffed step-mom to struggle all by herself in the dark room just as she did to them when she was the one maximizing their mouths! A super sexy clip if you love great and effective mouth stuffings!


Included in this clip: extreme mouth stuffing, sock gagged, mouth play, bondage, tapegagged, step-mother and daughters, mouth stretching, humiliation, tight tapegag, muffled moaning, latinas,  transparent tape gag, tape bondage, blindfold, bdsm, gag fetish

Tags: Girl On Girl Sock Gagged Tape Gagged
Maximizing Step-Mommys Mouth: How Many Socks Can She Take