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Our Models / Casey Cypress

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Casey Cypress Vital Stats:
AGE:  21
FAVORITE GAG:  Classic Duct Tape Gag
MOSTLY ENJOYS:  To Be Bound And Gagged

Casey Cypress Updates

Classroom Bondage: You Are No Longer My BFF!

Casey Cypress , Dakota Charms

The popular girls at school is offering to include sexy Dakota Charms in their group if she ditches her best friend Casey Cypress. Growing up together, Casey and Dakota have been best friends forever but Dakota has always dreamed of becoming popular and is now facing a huge dilemma. It was a tough decision but Dakota finally made up her mind and is now ready to confront Casey.

One day after class, Dakota tells Casey about her offer from the popular girl group and that she and Casey can't be friends anymore. Casey is shocked and pleads with Dakota not to end their friendship this way after so many years but Dakota has already made her decision and doesn't seem to listen to what Casey has to say. Casey keeps trying to convince Dakota not to break their bonds and asks Dakota if there is anything she can do to change her mind. Dakota says that there is one thing Casey can do to make Dakota reconsider and that is to let her tie Casey up with duct tape. Casey thinks it's weird but she also knows that her best friend can be rather crazy and spontaneous, so she accepts and lets Dakota tape her up.

Dakota has tied Casey to the chair behind her school desk in the classroom. She takes a photo of bound Casey and sends it to the popular girls to show them what she's done to her best friend who they want her to get rid off. Casey begs and wriggles to escape but Dakota has done a very good job in taping her up. A couple seconds later, Dakota receives a message from the popular girls who laughing hysterical and suggesting Dakota tape a pair of her dirty panties from gym class earlier in Casey's mouth. Dakota wants to suck up to the popular bitches and do what they want her to do, so she looks in her bag for the panties, finds them and sniffs them... and wow! Those panties have become so stinky from digging up into Dakota's sweaty crotch during gym class and they'll be going right in Casey's mouth in just a moment.

Casey is freaked out and loudly complains before Dakota crams her dirty panties in Casey's mouth and muffles her best friend's begging words. Dakota puts a piece of duct tape over Casey's panty stuffed mouth and takes another photo to send off to the girls with Casey bound to taste her dominant girlfriend's ass and pussy. But shortly after Dakota took and sent that photo to the girls, Casey surprisingly managed to push the tape off her face and Dakota's panties out of her mouth. Dakota quickly puts her hand over Casey's mouth and picks up the panties. She dangles and holds them up in front of Casey while hand gagging her. Casey has now made Dakota mad for spitting them out and it doesn't take long before Dakota stuffs them back in there and tapes her mouth shut once again with even more duct tape than the first time. Casey looks like she's starting to give up and when Dakota picks up her bag and leaves Casey bound, gagged and alone in class, Casey begins to realize that there is no more she can do to try and save her and Dakota's friendship.

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Tags: American Chairtied Classic Content Costume Bondage Duct Tape Bondage Humiliation Lesbian Bondage Panty Gagged
Classroom Bondage You Are No Longer My BFF