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Our Models / Dakota Charms

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Dakota Charms Vital Stats:
AGE:  22
FAVORITE GAG:  Classic Duct Tape Gag
MOSTLY ENJOYS:  To Bind And Gag Others

Dakota Charms Updates

Fuming Mad And Tightly Gagged Over Her Roommate's Shoulder

Dakota Charms , Layla Moore

It is not the first time sweet Dakota Charms discovers her roommate Layla Moore stealing her dirty panties to sniff them. Dakota is so frustrated and confronts Layla about her missing underwear. Layla denies having stolen Dakota's panties but Dakota is very persistent and gets so pissed off at Layla that she calls her a creep. Layla do not let an insult like that go by peacefully - especially not when it comes from her bratty roommate!

Layla reaches down her bra and pulls out the dirty panties Dakota's been missing. Layla tauntingly flaunts the stolen panties at Dakota who eagerly tries to take them back from Layla who holds them high up in the air. Dakota jumps up and down in an attempt to reach for her panties while she yells and orders Layla to give them back, but Layla is way too tall and keeps the panties out of reach. That is until Layla has heard just about enough bitching coming out of Dakota's loud mouth and crams Dakota's worn panties into her own mouth.

In fury, Dakota loudly protests and screams at Layla for getting her own dirty panties shoved in her mouth and even more so when Layla grabs a roll of sticky duct tape and tightly wraps it over Dakota's panty-stuffed mouth, all the way around her head! Dakota tries to put up a fight against Layla in her desperation but she's too tiny and can do nothing against her tall full-figured roommate who just keeps the roll of tape go round and round her head. The tape gag sits tight and massive on Dakota's stuffed mouth contains a pair of her own dirty panties and makes her to endure the taste her own sweaty crotch, but that doesn't stop her from trying to put up a fight against Layla. Dakota is fuming mad and taunted by Layla who tells Dakota to come at her. Dakota's attempt to attack Layla fails as she quickly finds herself being lifted off the ground and thrown over Layla's shoulder with her round ass strutting in the air!

Kicking, hitting, and screaming through that solid gag, Dakota is on fire over Layla's shoulder and left no chance to do anything about it! Layla pulls Dakota's short dress up and exposes her roommate's sweet little butt that just craves for a good ol' hand spanking! And a firm, good ol' hand spanking is exactly what Dakota's fine-looking ass gets from Layla who really enjoys hearing Dakota's muffled moans and screams. Layla's lift and carry of Dakota totally shows Dakota who's in charge and she's even taken for a quick round spin by Layla while she's lying there, squirming, kicking, and bitching with her ass in the air over Layla's shoulder!

A while later, Layla decides to put Dakota down on the floor only to enforce her tight tape gag with even more duct tape wrapped around Dakota's gag bitching mouth. Not only is Dakota now heavily gagged; but the gag is also huge and tighter than ever! Dakota is once again lifted off the ground and thrown up over Layla's shoulder. Layla grabs her roommate's ass which has turned so red from the firm spanking it received just a minute ago. Dakota is carried around for a good while with her mouth sealed shut by the enormous tape gag Layla made for her until Layla decides it's about time to restrain her outraged roommate on the floor and expose her perky tits and her well-trimmed pussy!

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Tags: Classic Content Lesbian Bondage Lift And Carry Panty Gagged Spanking Bondage Tape Gagged
Fuming Mad And Tightly Gagged Over Her Roommates Shoulder

Hogtaped Roommate Stripped And Humiliated

Dakota Charms , Layla Moore

It's not always fun and joy living with duct tape enthusiast Layla Moore, especially not if you don't know how to satisfy her desires and keep her happy! That's what cute little Dakota Charms finds out after forgetting to buy Layla a present for Christmas.

Layla approaches Dakota with a pair of undies and three rolls of tape. She confronts Dakota who quickly recognizes the underwear Layla's got in her hand; it is the worn undies she put in the laundry basket last night! Layla stuffs the dirty undies Dakota's mouth and tapes it shut with multiple strips of tape before Dakota can ask her any questions. Dakota seems rather upset at Layla for doing this to her, she mmph's, bitches, and screams but Layla has only just begun and makes Dakota lie down on her stomach.

Here, Layla heavily tapes Dakota's feet, legs, and hands up before she makes the tape ties connect putting Dakota in a tight hogtie on the floor. Dakota is screwed, and she can do nothing to escape her tape bondage despite her struggles and desperate screaming to be let go. Layla rolls Dakota on the side, exposing her noisy roommate's small tits. Dakota mmph and wriggles in pain as Layla slaps her exposed titties hard and good.

As if being gagged, hogtied, and exposed isn't humiliating enough, Layla also rips off Dakota's panties to expose her sexy little pussy before she grabs her phone and takes lots of pictures of her bound and gagged roommate. Layla publishes the photos of Dakota online for everyone to see right in front of her heavily bound and gagged roommate who desperately squirms and MMMMPPHH's on the floor!

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Tags: Hogtied Lesbian Bondage Panty Gagged Tape Bondage Tape Gagged
Hogtaped Roommate Stripped And Humiliated