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Our Models / Gemi Blossom

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Gemi Blossom Vital Stats:
AGE:  19
FAVORITE GAG:  Cloth Cleave Gag
MOSTLY ENJOYS:  To Be Bound And Gagged

Gemi Blossom Updates

Gag Bonding Sisters!

Dakota Charms , Gemi Blossom

Silly sisters Dakota Charms and Gemi Blossom want to enjoy some sisterly quality time together. Being the wise big step-sister, Dakota suggest they both bond with duct tape! Dakota hands Gemi a pair of panties and tell her to stuff them in Dakota's mouth. Little step-sister Gemi does what Dakota tells her and stuffs the panties in her big step-sister's mouth. Gemi wraps many layers of clear duct tape around Dakota's head to really seal the panties in her mouth. Then it's Gemi's turn to be gagged.

Gag silenced Dakota gives her little step-sister the very same silent treatment by stuffing a pair of panties in her mouth and rolling clear tape around her head. The sisters are now panty gagged with clear tape around the head. Dakota and Gemi sit back to back and begin to wrap their heads together with silver duct tape. They moan, scream and act totally helpless while they're bonding with sticky tape as only they can do it!

Included in this clip: tape gagged, mouth stuffed, panty gagged, duct tape fetish, sisters, wrap gagged, bondage, clear duct tape, silver duct tape, muffled moaning, tightly gagged, silly girls

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Tags: American Brunettes Classic Content Lesbian Bondage Multiple Women Panty Gagged Tape Gagged
Gag Bonding Sisters!

Now Watch Me Cum!

Dakota Charms , Gemi Blossom

Walking in seeing big step-sister Dakota Charms masturbating with a buzzing magic wand vibrator solidly planted against her panty-clad clit makes cute redheaded Gemi Blossom want to leave the room.

Dakota insists that little step-sister Gemi stays and see her big step-sister get off now that she's been caught in the act. Dakota turns her vibrator back on and resumes her masturbation. Gemi thinks it's so wrong and tries to leave the room but her insisting big step-sister keeps pulling her back down on the bed.

Dakota becomes very strict and tapes up her sweet little step-sister to make her stay and watch. Duct tape bound Gemi tries to avoid looking at her big step-sister vibing herself so Dakota commandingly turns Gemi's head to make her watch. Gemi talks and begs Dakota for release.

Dakota is so annoyed right now. All she wanna do is to enjoy a nice orgasm and she's so not gonna let her little step-sister's pleading mouth ruin that. Dakota takes off her cum soaked panties and shoves them into her little step-sister's yap!

Big step-sister's dirty panties are then confined with four strips of patterned duct tape plastered over her little step-sister's mouth to really shut her up. Gemi moans in humiliation while Dakota is turned even more on now by having gagged her little step-sister with a pair of her pussy cum panties.

Dakota vibes herself to an amazing orgasm with her bound and gagged little step-sister sitting right next to her, all humiliated and all helpless!

Included in this clip: tape bondage, humiliation, sisters, tape gagged, magic wand vibrator, panty gagged, made to watch, bound and gagged, domination, gag talk, female orgasm, taboo, brats, bdsm, gag fetish

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Tags: American Bondage Orgasms Classic Content Duct Tape Bondage Humiliation Lesbian Bondage Panty Gagged Tape Gagged
Walking In On Me Stepsister Now Watch Me Cum!

Stepdaddy No! Please Don't Sell Us!!!

Dakota Charms , Gemi Blossom

Bratty sisters Dakota Charms and Gemi Blossom just don't know when to keep their big mouths shut and mind their own business. They confront their cheating stepdad telling him they know everything about his affair with another woman and step-mom is gonna kick him out when they tell her. But step-daddy is going to make sure the sisters won't say a single word to anyone so he wraps them up, gags them with duct tape, and stores them in the basement where step-mom never comes.

The mummified sisters struggle, moan, and wriggle side by side all wrapped up and helpless as step-daddy tells them he's gonna get rid of them by sending them off as sex slaves. The tape gagged sisters are desperate for escape but step-daddy tied them way too tight. So in an attempt to get out, the sisters try to hop away but they don't get far until stepdaddy catches the mummified brats again and tapes them together back to back. Ready for shipping!

Constant mmmpphhing gag talk and extremely hot step-sister mummification bondage!

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Tags: American Brunettes Classic Content Duct Tape Bondage Humiliation Multiple Women Mummification Tape Gagged
Mummified Sisters - Daddy No Please Dont Sell Us

Competitive Handgag Sisters!

Dakota Charms , Gemi Blossom

Adorable stepsisters Dakota Charms and Gemi Blossom have always liked to compete against each other in whatever they do and today, big step-sister Dakota comes up with a fun, daring, and stinky gag endurance challenge for her and her little step-sister to do. Dakota don't think Gemi will be able to handle to have a stinky worn pair of her big step-sister's dirty socks stuffed and kept in her mouth but little step-sister Gemi is so gonna try and prove her self-sure big step-sister wrong and accepts the challenge right away. Not only do these competitive stepsisters find out who's gonna be able to keep one another's worn socks in their mouth the longest, but they also find out who can stand and endure the taste of each other's dirty pussy panties.

The sisters bitch, moan, mmpphh, and whimper as they take turns getting their mouths stuffed and hand gagged tightly by each other. Neither of them wants to give up and tries to endure the taste of the other step-sister's dirty socks, panties,panty and tight handgags for as long as possible. Lots of hand-shifting, verbal humiliation, and super hot step-sister domination. A real must-see for all lovers of humiliating mouth stuffings, cute sisters, and tight hand gagging!

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Tags: American Brunettes Classic Content Hand Gagged Humiliation Panty Gagged Sock Gagged
Competitive Handgag Sisters!

Don't Tell Stepmom We Do Gag Talk Videos!

Dakota Charms , Gemi Blossom

Look at these two silly sisters Dakota Charms and Gemi Blossom paid to do kinky gag talk videos for a man on the internet. The sisters fear that stepmom is gonna walk in on them while they make the clip but stepmom is out for the day and won't be causing any trouble whatsoever.

Each do the sisters gag one another nice and well for the guy who's paying them to make the clip and they gag talk and giggle like the silly girls they are. Their muffled moaning gag gag-talking voices are incredible listening mixed with the stunning sight of their gagged mouths.

Knotted cleave gags, tight duct tape gags, sock-stuffed mouths, and worn pantyhood sniffing are what the sisters are paid to do in this absolutely stunning video that is a must-see for all you kinky gag lovers out there!

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Tags: American Brunettes Classic Content Cleave Gagged Humiliation Multiple Women Self Gagged Sock Gagged Tape Gagged
Dont Tell Stepmom We Do Gag Talk Videos!