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Our Models / Hazel Allure

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Hazel Allure Vital Stats:
AGE:  21
FAVORITE GAG:  Cloth Cleave Gag
MOSTLY ENJOYS:  To Be Bound And Gagged

Hazel Allure Updates

Halloween Hostage!

Amber , Dakota Charms , Hazel Allure

Redheaded Amber is caught by surprise as two witches Dakota Charms and Hazel Allure want to take her with them. Witch Hazel gag the terrified redhead with a rubber doggy bone and covers it with pink vet wrap wrapped around her head. The poor hostage is silenced and dominantly threatened to have a spell cast on her by the two cruel witches. The redhead's hands get tied with saran wrap which is also used to encase her lovely head before she gets taken away to the creepy witches hideout!

Included in this clip: gagged girls, costume fetish, bondage, head encasement, redheads, costume bondage, brunettes, witches, wrap gagged, domination, role play, damsel in bondage

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Tags: American Classic Content Cleave Gagged Costume Bondage Double Domination Halloween Humiliation Lesbian Bondage OTM Gagged
Halloween Hostage!

Fooling Around With Saran Wrap

Cherry Morgan , Hazel Allure

If you love seeing silly girls fooling around with gags and bondage this is the clip for you! Hazel Allure and Cherry Morgan is having a great time gagging each other's mouths with socks and wrapping it shut with saran wrap.

The girls giggle, gag talk and get in a very silly mood where they're wrapping the other girl and themselves in plastic! They also involve you in their silly game at the end of the clip where they're pretending to wrap you up and gag you with the saran wrap! A sexy clip with a twist of girly fun!

Included in this clip: sock gagged, saran wrap, wrap gagged, mouth stuffed, silly girls, bondage, plastic fetish, blondes, games, brunettes, gag talk

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Tags: American Brunettes Classic Content Lesbian Bondage Short Pants Sock Gagged
Fooling Around With Saran Wrap

Slumber Party Peril!

Hazel Allure , Lela Beryl

What started as a day of fun and laughter turned into a nightmare for Hazel Allure and her girlfriend Lela Beryl. Both are they having a good time, playing silly games in their pajamases. Lela has to go pee in the middle of their playtime so she leaves Hazel for a little while. Little do the girls know, there's an uninvited guest lurking around the house!

When Lela returns, she find her girlfriend calling out for help, tied to the chair. Lela desperately tries to untie the rope someone used to restrain Hazel with, but there are so many knots and she don't know where to start. The intruder steps up behind Lela, throws her on the floor and ties her hands behind her back. The roped up girlfriends cry out for help and beg the intruder to let them go. He has to shut them both up now so the neighbors won't hear them.

The intruder silence his damsels with a knotted cleave gag made for each of them. Lela is hogtied and squirming on the floor in front of her chair-tied girlfriend. The girls are bound and struggling in desperation for freedom wearing nothing but their bras and pajamas pants. The intruder tease Hazel and Lela by taking the knotted scarves out of their mouths only to hear them plead before he puts it right back in. He wave at his helpless, bound and gagged captives and leave them to enjoy the rest of their slumber party together.

Included in this clip: bondage, cleave gagged, chair tied, barefoot, damsels in bondage, struggling, squirming, wriggling, hogtied, female desperation, knotted cleave gag, foot fetish, pajamas pants, brunettes, gag talk, rope bondage, home intrusion, male domination, begging, humiliation

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Tags: American Brunettes Chairtied Classic Content Cleave Gagged Costume Bondage Hogtied Humiliation Multiple Women POV Rope Bondage
Slumber Party Peril!

Nuns Have Needs Too!

Hazel Allure

Step-Sister Hazel once gave a vow never to have sex with anyone but that vow didn't include not to get kinky. The young sex craving nun deal with her sexual urges by tying up and gagging herself. She's not allowed to masturbate at the monastery so she's using self-bondage in order to satisfy her needs.

Step-Sister Hazel is on her bed, tying up her ankles, her legs and her thighs with rope. She is frogtied and also ties herself to the bed so she can feel really helpless. Step-Sister Hazel is very excited today because she just got a brand new gag: an inflatable penis pump gag. She puts the gag in her mouth and squeezes the balloon to blow up the rubber penis inside her mouth. This may be the closest Step-Sister Hazel ever get to experience what it's like having a cock in her mouth but she seems to enjoy it very much!

The kinky nun tapes the enlarged penis gag in her mouth with clear duct tape wrapped around her head to make it stay and to top off her amazing rope bondage work, Step-Sister Hazel tie her hands to her bound ankles. She's gag talking, mmphh'ing and struggling in her kinky self-bondage that any young nun should try for themselves to calm their sexual cravings!

Included in this clip: self bondage, rope bondage, self gagged, nun bondage, inflatable gag, bedroom bondage, bondage sin, bdsm, gagged woman, gag talk

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Tags: American Brunettes Classic Content Costume Bondage Humiliation Rope Bondage Self Gagged
Nuns Have Needs Too!

Mountain Biker In Bondage Trouble

Hazel Allure

It all seems like a normal day of biking for this girl riding down the quiet road as usual. Little does she know there's a man hiding in the grass, just waiting to capture her.

The man rushes out and pulls the biking beauty off her bike, covering her face with a white cloth that knocks her out. He takes her to the nearest forest and ties her to a tree. She cries out for help and begs the masked man to let her go.

The man shoves a bit gag in the mouth of his helpless captive and picks up his camera to get a closer look of his bound and gagged prisoner. He takes her water bottle, pulls her gag down, and makes her to drink before he shoves the gag right back in her mouth.

She struggles, moans and gag talk but there's nothing she can do now that she's been snatched by the muscular man. The girl looks really sad and whimpers so hard in her bondage so the man decides to take the gag out of her mouth again and hear what she has to say.

She spits on him so he immediately puts the gag back in her mouth. The captured beauty really pissed him off now so he makes her a tight and painful crotch-rope, lifts her off the ground and carries her away desperately kicking and screaming all bound and gagged over his shoulder!

Included in this clip: bondage, lift and carry, outdoor, damsel, rope, bit gagged, forest, tied up, bound and gagged, carried over the shoulder, taken, gag fetish, bdsm

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Tags: American Brunettes Classic Content Humiliation Lift And Carry Maledom Outdoor Bondage Rope Bondage
Mountain Biker in Bondage Trouble

Permission To Struggle

Chi Chi Medina , Hazel Allure

It was a big mistake when busty Chi-Chi Medina borrowed crazy roommate Hazel Allure's tablet without permission. Hazel comes in and cleave gags Chi-Chi with a bandana enforced with a tight multi-layered cling wrap gag. She ties up the busty beauty with rope - ankles and hands behind the back - and sits down to learn that her now bound and gagged roommate was using her tablet looking at porn. Dominantly she gets up and adds another few layers of wrap gagging to her moaning roommate's muffled mouth. This time with tape! Then finally she really humiliates her captive by pulling down her bra and exposing her tits before leaving her to struggle. Helplessly bound and triple gagged, the big-breasted hottie can't do much to escape the bondage her crazy roommate put her in.

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Tags: American Brunettes Busty Women Classic Content Cleave Gagged Humiliation Lesbian Bondage Rope Bondage Tape Gagged Topless Bondage
Permission To Struggle

Shackling Outdoor Self-Bondage Fantasy

Hazel Allure

Sexy Hazel Allure is a girl with many self-bondage fantasies and if there is one thing that really turns her on it is the risk of getting caught tying herself up. With two pairs of cuffs and a roll of tape, Hazel takes a walk outside, finds a parked RV, and decides to chain herself to it. She went into the parked camper and stole a pair of panties without knowing who they belonged to. So after adding cuffs to her ankles, Hazel stuffs the stolen panties in her mouth and tape gags herself tight. Then she handcuffs herself to the RV's steel ladder and hopes she'll be able to escape her shackling bondage in time before the RV owners get home and find her! Good luck, girl!

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Tags: American Brunettes Classic Content Outdoor Bondage Panty Gagged Self Gagged Short Pants Tape Gagged
Shackling Outdoor Self-Bondage Fantasy

Mummified Stepsister Yells For Stepmom To Help!

Hazel Allure

I love to play tie-up games with my annoying big stepsister so I wrap her up with silver duct tape. My stepsister has a really big mouth and begs me to let her go while she jumps and wriggles to escape her tight tape cocoon. When she realizes I won't let her go she starts screaming for our stepmom to come help her so I have to shut that loud mouth of hers.

I put my mummified step-sister on the bed, stuff her whining mouth with a big wad of socks, and gag her tight with clear tape wrapped around her face. Aww, you look so sweet and adorable with your mouth packed up like that! Step-Mom sure won't be able to hear step-sis now that I have her gagged even though she desperately protests, squirm, and bitches at me while she fights to escape her bondage.

Stepsis is barefoot with red nail polish on her toenails and she tries to kick me in despair. Sorry step-sis, you won't be going anywhere now that I have you wrapped up and gagged!

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Tags: American Brunettes Classic Content Duct Tape Bondage Humiliation Mummification POV Sock Gagged Tape Gagged
Mummified Stepsister Yell For Stepmom!