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Our Models / Gianna Love

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Gianna Love Vital Stats:
AGE:  27
MOSTLY ENJOYS:  To Be Bound And Gagged

Gianna Love Updates

Gianna Self Cleave Gagged With Tape

Gianna Love

Enjoy this super sexy mmpphh'ing clip where you'll see the amazing Gianna Love cleave gag herself with 3 different kinds of tape: silver duct tape, clear duct tape, and Hello Kitty duct tape - each time with her mouth stuffed full while she gag talks and submissively begs you to let her go!

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Tags: Classic Content Self Gagged Tape Cleave Gagged
Gianna Self Cleave Gagged With Tape

Gianna's Damsel Audition!

Gianna Love

When Gianna Love applied to star in a new Hollywood movie for the role as Madeleine Johnson it didn't take long for the production company to respond. Because the movie will have a scene showing Madeleine as a bound and gagged damsel, the company wants Gianna to make an audition tape in which she gags herself and acts helpless. Gianna really wants the role of Madeleine so badly and decides to audition. Gianna balls up a sock and stuffs it in her mouth while she starts acting helpless by giving us some sexy muffled pleading moaning while she perfectly applies three strips of silver duct tape over her sock-stuffed mouth!

Gianna is gagged and gag talks unstoppably! She whines, whimpers, and cries like a good girl in real trouble while she puts on her begging eyes in a fantastic close-up! Gianna really wants the role of Madeleine and gives it all she's got by showing off her submissive side while acting like a gagged damsel! Later, Gianna slowly pulls off her sexy tape gag from one side towards the other giving us another look at her fully sock-stuffed mouth and how her lipstick has come off on the backside of the tape. "As you can see I'm perfectly okay with mouth-stuffing gags" Gianna comfortably says.

Now you would think showing herself gagged once would be enough to tell how she will be doing as a damsel but Gianna isn't done auditioning yet! She wants to that she's able to handle tight gags as well and stuffs a pair of panties in her mouth, grabs a roll of strong transparent duct tape, and wraps it all the way around her head and over her hair like any evil villain would do to a nabbed girl.

Gianna's stuffed lips clearly showing behind the tape are pacified and her cheeks are put under pressure; they are bulging out due to the powerful power of her tight tape gag while she keeps gag talking and pleading like a captured girl whose only wish is to go home. Having gag talked and begged to be let go for so long, Gianna unwraps her tight tape gag and says she sincerely hopes to get the role as Madeleine Johnson now she has shown off her damsel acting.

Little does Gianna know there is no such thing as a Hollywood role waiting for her on the other end; the casting calls were made up to make sexy girls like Gianna gag themselves in videos and put on display here at selfgags.com for your viewing pleasure only!

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Tags: Classic Content Panty Gagged Self Gagged Sock Gagged Tape Gagged
Gianna Loves Damsel Audition!

Gianna Love's 50 Minutes of Self-Gagging!

Gianna Love

Enjoy this steamingly sexy self-gagging video in which gorgeous Gianna Love gags herself over and over again for 50 minutes straight! From simple tape gags to tight, mouth-filling, and multi-layered gags - this clip has got it all! Gianna flirts with you and talks about her favorite ways of being gagged as well as how she'll be gagging herself next. Gianna sure knows how to keep herself quiet and sexily gag talks like a helpless little damsel every time she's made herself a new gag. If you like gagged girls and muffled gag talking you're gonna love this super sexy clip!

Gianna makes herself a total of 19 gags, lots of them are multi-layered and with her mouth stuffed. Gags include saran wrap gags, cleave gags, glimmering tape gags, Hello Kitty tape gags, various panty gags, over-the-mouth gags, tape around the head gags, ball gags, pantyhose gags, and much more!

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Tags: Ball Gagged Classic Content Cleave Gagged OTM Gagged Panty Gagged Self Gagged Sock Gagged Tape Gagged
50 Minutes of Self-Gagging!

Mummified And Helpless!

Gianna Love

Poor Gianna Love endures tight tape mummification bondage on the couch. She's barefoot with her mouth and body wrapped in duct tape and her exposed tits popping out of the cocoon. Gianna is pacified and relentlessly struggles against the tight tape ties that sorrounds her beautiful body. Her eyes are begging for release while her pleading voice is muffled by the duct tape wrapped over her mouth and around her head. There is no escape for this immobilized little damsel!

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Tags: Classic Content Mummification Tape Bondage Tape Gagged
Mummified And Helpless!

Street Walking Stripper Bitch Taped Up And Exposed!

Gianna Love

Sexy stripper Gianna Love suddenly found herself getting pulled into a van, taped up, cleave-gagged, and driven away by a masked man on a normal Saturday night. The masked man carries Gianna into his apartment over his shoulder with Gianna's ass in the air. He pulls up Gianna's short skirt and studies her gorgeous ass. Gianna curses at her captor and is given a little spanking before she's put down on the bed.

The man pulls down and takes off Gianna's pink panties and exposes her shaved pussy. He then removes Gianna's cleave gag and stuffs her own panties in her mouth. Not only to quiet her down even more but also to humiliate her by giving her a taste of her own pussy. Gianna whimpers and mmpphh's. Her own worn panties are now being taped in her mouth by her captor who rolls the silver duct tape all the way around her head. The gag is tight and it's humiliating. Gianna really is a damsel, a hard-working stripper who just wanted to make some money dancing tonight. But her nightmares are far from over yet.

After getting her thighs and ankles taped together, Gianna's captor pulls down her slutty dress to expose her beautiful tits. He grabs them, squeezes them, and plays around with them while Gianna, taped up and panty gagged, can do nothing but look at what the man does to her. Now that the man has felt up and fondled Gianna, he takes the duct tape and rolls it over Gianna's chest and around her arms. Gianna's boobs and nipples are now fully covered by yet another tight tape tie before she's left to struggle alone on the bed, wondering what will become her fate.

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Tags: Classic Content Cleave Gagged Lift And Carry Panty Gagged Tape Bondage Tape Gagged
Street Walking Stripper Bitch Taped Up And Exposed!