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Our Models / Layla Moore

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Layla Moore Vital Stats:
AGE:  20
FAVORITE GAG:  Tape Wrap Gag
MOSTLY ENJOYS:  To Be Bound And Gagged

Layla Moore Updates

My Aunt Deserves To Be Bound And Gagged!

Layla Moore , Leilani Lee

I come over for a visit to my uncle Phil and aunt Leilani's house. My uncle isn't home so it's just me and my aunt. I say hello to aunt Leilani who looks really opposed when she first sees me. She asks me if my step-mom really let me dress like a whore so I call her a bitch for criticizing my clothes and before I know it I'm being pulled over her knee for a spanking. I get up, push her down on the bed, and grab that black roll of duct tape lying on her nightstand. Aunt Leilani is outraged and very insulted when I begin to tie up her feet and hands. She bitches at me and calls me disrespectful. I'm tired of hearing her complaints so I call her a cunt and shove a dirty pair of panties in her mouth. Then I wrap tape all the way around her head a number of times to keep the panties in. I have no idea how uncle Phil can stand listening to that bitch he calls his wife!

So now that I've got aunt Leilani tied up and gagged, I decide to turn the tables by giving HER a spanking! Oh my she's SO mad and screaming behind that tape gag as I smack her in the ass. Her mouth definitely needs more tape and I know my uncle keeps some of that sticky silver duct tape in the garage. I'm so gonna get that tape! Once I get back I first enforce the black duct tape ties on her wrists and ankles with the strong silver tape I just picked up and THEN I wrap it over her gagged mouth. Aunt Leilani looks so scared when I tighten her gag. She can't believe that I, her sweet little niece, would ever do something like this to her... but I can and I am! I make it clear to my aunt that I am now in total control of her by pressing her nostrils shut before I give her a nice kiss on her amazingly tight tape gag and spank her ass again!

Included in this clip: tape bondage, mature woman, panty gagged, duct tape fetish, wrapgag, spanking, girl vs older woman, gag kissing, humiliation, gag talk, domination, bbw, tape gagged, bdsm

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Tags: American Classic Content Duct Tape Bondage Humiliation Lesbian Bondage MILF Bondage Panty Gagged Tape Gagged
My Aunt Deserves To Be Bound and Gagged!

Ruthless HOM Domination For The Catholic Schoolgirl

Alex Reynolds , Layla Moore

Pure and innocent catholic schoolgirl Alex Reynolds recently met a new friend and decided to invite her over. Her new friend is Layla Moore, a cunning BBW attending the local public school.

Layla asks what it's like being a catholic school student and laughs at Alex whenever she answers. She just can't believe how such a cute little girl like Alex can still be a virgin and live with it. Layla doesn't wanna hear another word from Alex and decides to give the catholic school girl a taste of life in public school. Layla ruthlessly puts a tight handgag on Alex's mouth. Alex is taken by surprise and desperately screams while she tries to fight off the heavy BBW who covers her mouth so tight. But Layla is way too strong to be fought off by such a tiny little girl and just continues her evil hand domination without interruption.

Alex relentlessly moans and whimper behind Layla's powerful hand. She is mocked and held in a very tight and humiliating hand gagging grip by the strong BBW from the public school. Layla feels sorry for Alex still being a virgin so she wants the catholic school girl to experience the smell and taste of pussy. Layla lets go of Alex's mouth only to get up and take off her xxxl panties. Alex tries to escape but gets grabbed and wrestled down to be hand gagged again. Layla makes Alex sniff her worn panties while she covers her mouth. Alex whines and protests but there is nothing she can do but to take Layla's panty smelling. Layla suddenly lets go of Alex's mouth and roughly crams her stinky pussy panties into Alex's mouth followed by yet another brutal hand gag to make them stay.

The innocent catholic school girl struggles so much with Layla's sweaty BBW panties confined in her mouth, so now that she's been violently given the taste of pussy, Layla decides to put her to rest. Layla wickedly plugs Alex's nostrils with an amazingly cruel handsmother. The catholic sweetheart who just struggled, moaned, and whimpered so much now lies all quiet. Layla slowly pulls her worn panties out of Alex's silent mouth and turns her limb body over on her stomach.

Layla lifts up Alex's short skirt and admires her perfectly round ass. She feels it, grabs it, and massages it. To think that a girl with such a tight little ass can still be a virgin is unthinkable to Layla who continues to worship Alex's ass, now by giving it a firm hand spanking. Layla turns Alex over and unbuttons her shirt. She adores Alex's perky little tits and pinches her nipples. Layla wants more of Alex so she decides to take her home with her. By lifting and carrying Alex's limb body over her broad shoulders, Layla leaves the apartment with a plan to give the catholic school girl her first sexual experience.

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Tags: American Brunettes Classic Content Dress Bondage Hand Gagged Humiliation Lift And Carry Panty Gagged
Ruthless HOM Domination For The Catholic Schoolgirl

I Want YOU To Gag The FUCK Out Of Me!

Alex Empire , Layla Moore

Full-figured Layla Moore invites over best friend Alex Empire and reveals one of her kinkiest fantasies. Layla tells Alex how she often masturbates to the thought of Alex gagging the fuck out of her and that she really wants to experience it in real life. Alex is kinda shocked to learn that she stars in her best friend's kinky gag fantasy but she also finds it rather intriguing, so after just a little bit of convincing by Layla, Alex gives in and decides to play. That's what real friends are for, right? Layla has already lined up a nice bunch of gag material and specifically instructs Alex on how to use it.

The first thing Layla wanted Alex to do to her was to stuff a dirty pair of panties deep in her mouth, then wrap silver duct tape all the way around her head several times, tie a scarf over her tight and heavily made tape gag, encase her head with a pair of nylons, then continue her tape wrap gagging and finally cover it all up by adding a second over-the-mouth scarf gag. It's quite the task for someone as cute and innocent as Alex who has never gagged anyone before, but she gives it all she got gagging up her best friend, and the result is absolutely amazing!

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Tags: American BBW Bondage Brunettes Classic Content Humiliation Lesbian Bondage OTM Gagged Panty Gagged Pantyhose Hooded Tape Gagged
I Want YOU To Gag The FUCK Out Of Me!

Lazy Sex Worker In Tight Tape Bondage!

Layla Moore , Piper Lynn

Full-figured BBW Layla Moore hires slutty petite sex worker Piper Lynn to find out if her stepbrother's sayings about Piper's services are true or not. According to Layla's stepbrother, Piper is a bad fuck who doesn't aim to please for what she's paid for so Layla meets up with Piper and suggests that the two of them should get intimate. Piper refuses to engage in any sexual activity with Layla because, as Piper puts it, Layla is fat. Layla approaches Piper and stuffs a pair of panties in her mouth before she wraps microfoam tape all the way around her head, making her a nice and tight microfoam tape gag!

Piper moans and mmmphh as Layla gives her a big wet red lipstick kiss right on her microfoam tape gag and then she's ordered down on the floor to be restrained with duct tape. Layla tapes up the lazy sex worker with silver duct tape around her ankles, legs, and arms behind her back. Then Layla makes Piper lie down on her stomach and connects the tiny girl's arms to her ankles. Now that Piper is hogtied with duct tape and her mouth sealed shut with microfoam, Layla teases, humiliates, and dominates the lazy little bitch who squirms and wriggles in her tight tape bondage with her perky tits exposed.

Apparently, everything Layla's stepbrother told her about Piper was true after all!

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Tags: American Classic Content Duct Tape Bondage Groping Hogtied Humiliation Lesbian Bondage Panty Gagged Tape Gagged Topless Bondage
Lazy Sex Worker Tight Tape Bondage

Ebony Massively Self Gagged

Layla Moore , Sassy Katt

If you're a fan of super heavy, tight and massive tape gags check this out! Black burlesque bombshell Sassy Katt visits her gag-loving BBW girlfriend Layla Moore for some serious self-gagging and becomes completely muffled by strong and powerful wraparound tape gags sealing her fully packed mouth shut!

Tight N' Thick Lip Bulging Clear Tape Cleave Gag
Open wide! Layla hands Sass a white pair of panties and tells her to stuff them deep in that big mouth of hers. Sass thoroughly crams the panties into every corner of her mouth and is handed a roll of clear duct tape. Layla wants Sass to open up her mouth and wrap the tape around her head and in between her lips several times. Sass cleave gags herself nice and tight to confine those panties in her mouth with an insanely thick layer of clear tape that makes her beautiful lips bulge out. Let's hear a little gag talk!

Pink BBW Panties Behind Rock Solid Monster Tape Gag
Time for a larger pair of panties to silence that sassy mouth! Sass fights to make room for a pair of Layla's pink panties in her mouth but judging by her facial expressions it's not an easy task. Layla is a BBW and wears larger panties than others so she has really put Sass' mouth packing skills on trial this time. Sass struggles to fit Layla's panties in there and unbelievably, she finally manages to do so! Now hurry up and tape those in before they come out again! Sass plasters a few strips of green duct tape over her panty stuffed mouth and then makes it go all the way around her so many fucking times that you won't believe it. That gag is extreme and evil. Good thing Sass is doing it to herself 'cause not many others would be able to take a gag that solid! Now Sass, scream through that monster gag for us, will ya?

Chunky Tube Sock Stuffing Wrapped With Strong Silver PVC Tape Gag
Congrats on making Layla's BBW panties fit in your mouth Sass but can you also make room for two chunky tube socks? Sass rolls both socks into a ball hoping it will be easier to stuff them in her mouth but she quickly realizes that she will never be able to make that huge wad of socks fit and gives up after a few tries. Instead, she balls up one of the socks and shoves it in her mouth. Perfect! Layla hands Sass a roll of silver PVC tape and tells her to make it go around her head like the previous gags she did. Once again, Sass does what she's told and the result is yet another awesome tape gag wrapped around her head so tight that it shows her sock stuffed lip imprints underneath. Layla can't help herself, she thinks seeing Sass' sealed lips under the tape is so damn sexy and feels Sass' big tape gag that muffles this gorgeous beauty so well. Mmmpphhh!

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Tags: American Brunettes Classic Content Panty Gagged Self Gagged Sock Gagged Tape Cleave Gagged Tape Gagged
Ebony Massively Self Gagged

The Extreme Duct Tape Escape Challenge!

Alex Reynolds , Layla Moore

Welcome to the extreme duct tape escape challenge where cute and cocky Alex Reynolds bets super-taper Layla Moore that she can get out of any kind of bondage she's put in.

Layla tapes and hogties the cocky little bitch who's still quite sure she'll be able to escape before she realizes that Layla's tape ties become tighter and tighter by the minute and that she probably won't be able to escape after all. Alex is securely hogtaped and puts on quite a struggle to escape but she's bound to surrender to Layla's massive tape job and asks to be untied. But Layla is far from done with the tape escape challenge yet because what is tight bondage without a tight gag, right? Layla takes off Alex's socks, pulls Alex's hair back, and ruthlessly crams both socks into her hogtaped captive's smart-ass mouth.

Alex whimpers and whines for having her worn socks stuffed in her mouth but her gagged moaning is like music to Layla's ears. Layla wraps an insanely tight and strong layer of clear duct tape all the way around Alex's head to keep the socks in Alex's mouth and also to enjoy the gorgeous sight of the socks underneath the tape. Tape bound, hogtied, and massively tape gagged with her own socks, Alex is literally fucked and struggles all she can to get out but escape is impossible for the helpless cutie whose tits are later exposed before she's abandoned by Layla who's got other things to do.

Maybe next time Alex has learned to keep her big mouth shut.

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Tags: American Brunettes Challenges Classic Content Duct Tape Bondage Hogtied Humiliation Jeans Bondage Lesbian Bondage Sock Gagged Tape Gagged
The Extreme Duct Tape Escape Challenge!

Laylas Lesbian Masturbation Advice

Layla Moore , Piper Lynn

Petite Piper Lynn gets masturbation advice from her BBW girlfriend Layla Moore. Layla explains that every time she masturbates, she gags herself with a pair of panties and duct tape because it really gets her off. Piper is having problems with her boyfriend and really wants to try something new and exciting when she masturbates. She becomes curious and asks Layla if she can teach her how to do it. Layla loves to help a girlfriend in need of a good orgasm and accepts Piper's request. Layla grabs a couple rolls of duct tape as well as a pair of her own panties. She hands one of the duct tape rolls to Piper and tells Piper to take off her panties. Piper does what she's told, looks at Layla, and does exactly what Layla is doing step-by-step in order to learn how she should gag herself next time she wants to masturbate.

The girls each stuff their own panties into their mouths and pick up their duct tape. Layla tries to explain how Piper should use the tape but she's so damn muffled and Piper can't understand a word her sexy BBW friend is trying to say. So instead of trying to understand what Layla is trying to tell her, Piper decides to try and keep up by doing the exact same thing Layla is doing: to wrap the duct tape all the way around the head. It's clear that Layla enjoys a tight and strong gag because she keeps that roll of tape going all the way around her head until it's been all used while little Piper eagerly tries to keep up with the blazing speed of wrap-gagging Layla puts up.

Having wrapped each of their mouths with multiple and countless layers of duct tape, Piper and Layla are heavily gagged and extremely muffled. Piper quickly discovers that she, like Layla, really enjoys this kind of self-humiliation as she finds herself getting really turned on. Layla and Piper's powerful tape gags keeps them from talking and allow only sexy moans to escape their panty stuffed mouths. The girls are both turned on and horny from their massive gags. They gag kiss and play with each other's tits while they loudly moan in joy and pleasure. Safe to say that not only will Piper make good use of Layla's masturbation advice; she will also be back for even more fun with Layla without any of their boyfriends knowing anything about their dirty little secret.

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Tags: American BBW Bondage Bondage Orgasms Brunettes Classic Content Dress Bondage Gag Kissing Humiliation Panty Gagged Romance Self Gagged Tape Gagged Topless Bondage
Laylas Lesbian Masturbation Advice

Cute Cock Loving Skank Humiliated in Tight Tape Bondage!

Kitty Come , Layla Moore , Raquel Roper

Flirtatious little sweetheart Raquel Roper gets taken by Layla Moore and Kitty Come for sleeping around with too many guys. Raquel is a skank and she needs to be taught a lesson she won't forget so today Layla and Kitty decide to give Raquel a humiliating time-out in tight tape bondage!

Raquel screams to be let go as she finds herself getting carried into the room over Layla's shoulder and tossed down on the bed right next to Kitty. Held down by Layla and Kitty, Raquel yells, squirms, and fights but there is nothing she can do to escape now that she's been caught with each their own roll of duct tape, Kitty ties Raquel's hands while Layla takes care of tying up her feet. Raquel is so frustrated by what the girls are doing to her that she starts making fun of them as if she should be scared of being taped up. But Raquel now realizes that she should just have kept her smart-ass mouth shut as Layla starts asking Kitty for her panties.

Kitty takes off her panties and hands them over to Layla who powerfully makes Raquel get a good sniff of Kitty's pussy before she crams the panties into Raquel's cock sucking mouth which is now being sealed in with duct tape tightly wrapped around her head. Raquel loudly whines, screams, and protests but Kitty's dirty panties muffle her words and turn them into only sexy muffled mmmphh behind the multiple layers of duct tape wrapped over her moaning mouth.

Layla and Kitty mock, punish, and humiliate Raquel for being the little skank that she is while they keep her taped up tight and massively gagged. Their tremendous teamwork has resulted in one hell of a sexy bondage clip that you'll love if you're a fan of lesbian domination, tight tape ties, and fully mouth-packed worn panty gags!

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Tags: American Brunettes Double Domination Duct Tape Bondage Humiliation Panty Gagged Short Pants Tape Gagged
Cute Cock Loving Skank Humiliated in Tight Tape Bondage