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Our Models / Layla Moore

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Layla Moore Vital Stats:
AGE:  20
FAVORITE GAG:  Tape Wrap Gag
MOSTLY ENJOYS:  To Be Bound And Gagged

Layla Moore Updates

Hogtied And Ruthlessly Gagged By The Female Burglar!

Layla Moore , Sassy Katt

Girls should remember to lock the door at night unless they want sexy female burglar Sassy Katt to pay them a visit! That's what beautiful Layla Moore learned after she found herself getting tightly hogtied, heavily gagged and robbed on a quiet Friday night. The woman is a burglar who's here to rob Layla and she's ruthless. She knows how to pacify her victims before ransacking their house and she came prepared armed with rope and duct tape.

Layla gets put in a tight hogtie and silenced with a pair of her own panties. The panties are worn and they're being taped in Layla's mouth by the sexy female burglar who makes Layla an extremely tight, brutal, and unpleasant tape gag so nobody will hear her cries for help while she's getting robbed!

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Tags: BBW Classic Content Hogtied Lesbian Bondage Panty Gagged Rope Bondage Tape Gagged
Hogtied And Ruthlessly Gagged By The Female Burglar!

Hogtaped, Spanked And Humiliated!

Kitty Come , Layla Moore

Tiny redhead Kitty Come should just have kept her cocky little mouth shut instead of insulting her BBW classmate Layla Moore. Kitty tells Layla she don't understand why a skinny guy would go out with a large girl like Layla and don't want to apologize to Layla for stating her opinion. Layla decides to punish the redheaded little bitch and throws her down on the floor. She pulls Kitty's arms behind her back and rapidly ties them together with duct tape. With Kitty's hands firmly secured behind her back, Layla takes off her panties in front of Kitty. They're pink and they're large! Layla holds up her panties in front of Kitty and tells Kitty that she's been wearing them all day long and that they're all sweaty before she makes Kitty smell them. "They stink!" Kitty says. And those were her last words.

Layla brutally stuffs her large panties in Kitty Come's insulting little mouth. Kitty Come moans in desperation but she's in no position to do anything at all! Layla starts gagging her humiliated little bitch with several strips of duct tape. She plasters the strips all over Kitty's panty-stuffed mouth before she tightly make the roll go round Kitty's pretty little head and over her long, beautiful red hair. With Kitty Come effectively gagged, Layla rolls her over on the side. She pulls Kitty's feet back and hogties Kitty by taping her feet to her taped hands behind her back.

Kitty mmph's in desperation but there's nothing she can do. Her mouth is stuffed with Layla's large worn panties and she's tightly hogtied! "How does that feel, bitch?!" Layla dominantly asks Kitty before she pulls up her dress and exposes Kitty's tiny tits and pussy! Kitty Come starts crying. She feels so humiliated by what Layla is doing to her but there is no escape from Layla's tight tape ties! Layla starts playing around with her helpless little damsel and humiliates her even more. She slaps Kitty's exposed tits and nipples before she checks out her sweet little pussy to see if she's wet. And she is.

Layla decides to give Kitty Come a firm hand spanking to let her know that Layla is serious about this. Layla spanks Kitty Come's round little ass and she does it hard! Kitty's ass instantly turns red and leaves Layla's hand imprints on it. Kitty Come is so helpless and so desperate. She really is a damsel and constantly mmpphh's behind her gag, hoping to be let go soon. But that is not going to happen! Layla takes her cell phone and snaps several pictures of Kitty Come all taped up, all gagged and totally exposed before she sends the photos to Kitty's boyfriend and to Kitty's school teacher!!!

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Tags: Classic Content Hogtied Lesbian Bondage Panty Gagged Spanking Bondage Tape Bondage Tape Gagged
Hogtaped Spanked And Humiliated!

Spoiled Brat Wraps Up Her Babysitter!

Layla Moore , Little Mina

Spoiled little Asian brat Mina is mad at her babysitter for not letting her go out clubbing in the middle of the night and therefore decides to get the babysitter out of the way by totally immobilizing her with tape. Mina sneaks up behind the babysitter who's quietly reading a magazine on the bed. She quickly stuffs a pair of panties in the babysitter's surprised mouth before she tapes it shut with a roll of girly heart-print duct tape. The babysitter moans and protests but Mina is unstoppable and wraps the tape all the way around her babysitter's head!

To secure the gag and to quiet down her babysitter even more, Mina adds several strips of tape to her babysitter's gagged mouth before she starts taping up her babysitter's hands and leg. Now that the babysitter has been taped up and gagged, all Mina needs is to make sure her babysitter will have no chance for escape later on this evening so Mina adds the final touch and wraps up her mmphing babysitter with blue saran wrap.

She keeps making taunting comments to the babysitter who can do nothing but take the bondage and the humiliation this wicked little Asian slut makes her go through - and soon, Mina will be on her way out clubbing with nobody around to stop her!

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Tags: Babysitters BBW Classic Content Lesbian Bondage Panty Gagged Tape Bondage Tape Gagged
Spoiled Brat Wraps Up Her Babysitter!

Taped Up By The Babysitter!

Layla Moore , Little Mina

Little Mina is all dressed up in slutty clothes and wants her babysitter Layla Moore to drive her to the local club to meet up with her girlfriends. Layla has made Mina's parents a promise to keep Mina in for the night and tells Mina that she won't be driving her anywhere tonight. Mina calls one of her girlfriends and asks for a ride. Layla grabs Mina's phone, tells Mina's girlfriend that Mina will be going nowhere tonight, and hangs up. Then Layla grabs Mina and starts taping her up tight to make sure she will be causing no more trouble.

With Mina all taped up, Layla gags her with a pair of panties and makes her a strong and tight tape gag that is soon enforced by blue saran wrap going all the way around her head!

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Tags: Classic Content Lesbian Bondage Panty Gagged Tape Bondage Tape Gagged
Taped Up By The Babysitter!

Don't Choke On My Panties Now, Step-Sister!

Layla Moore

Layla Moore is in deep trouble as her little step-sister Kimberly threatens Layla to tell her step-mom about how Layla has been stealing some of her step-mom's money recently. Kimberly blackmails Layla and tells Layla that the only way Kimberly won't tell step-mom is if Layla shuts herself up with a pair of Kimberly's worn panties. Layla thinks it's pretty fucked up that her little step-sister wants to put her through such a cruel punishment but Layla really has no choice as she doesn't want step-mom to find out about the stolen money.

Layla stuffs her mouth with her step-sister's worn pink panties and grunts. She doesn't like the taste and tries to make a few comments to her step-sister: "Mmph, mmph, mmph...". Kimberly's worn panties muffle Layla so well. Kimberly throws Layla a roll of tape. It's clear duct tape. She wants Layla to tape her mouth shut with it. Layla adds multiple strips of tape to her stuffed mouth. The transparency of the tape shows how Layla's red lips beautifully embrace her step-sister's pink panties while she beggingly looks at Kimberly, hoping this will all be over soon.

But Kimberly has even more in mind for Layla and demands that Layla wraps the clear tape all the way around her head until her lips are completely locked up! While Layla complies and does what she's being told, she is so mad and so outraged at her little step-sister for making her do all this! Layla mmmmphh's, curses and bitches at Kimberly through her tight, strong, and massive gag! In fact, so much that Kimberly has had enough of her BBW step-sister's loud mouth and puts her in super tight tape bondage.

Layla desperately screams through her self-made gag while she squirms around and struggles against her little step-sister's tight tape ties but there's no way she's going to escape any time soon...

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Tags: BBW Classic Content Panty Gagged POV Tape Bondage Tape Gagged
Dont choke on my panties now step-sis!

Making My Foul-Mouthed Step-Cousin Shut Herself Up!

Layla Moore , Syoja

My younger step-cousin Syoja is such a foul-mouthed little bitch who really needs to shut up sometimes! I call her into my room at a family get-together and confront her about how tired I am of her loud and foul mouth before I order her to take off her panties and shove them in her mouth.

When she refuses I tell her if she don't do exactly what I order her to I'll be telling the whole family about her new boyfriend and show them all of the pics I snapped a couple of days ago. Now Syoja has no choice but to obey me and then takes off her panties. She stuffs them all the way in her mouth but she's definitely not happy about it and curses at me.

I am so sick and tired of her profanity so I throw her a roll of blue duct tape and tell her to tape her mouth shut. She is furious but she has no choice if she don't want our family to find out about her new boyfriend. I tell her how to tape gag herself and make her put four nice strips of duct tape over her panty-stuffed mouth before I tell her to wrap the tape all the way around her head! She tries to argue with me but I can't understand a word she's trying to say. I tell Syoja that if she doesn't wrap the tape all the way around her head now, I'll call on our whole family and have them come into my room.

Now that's a good girl: Syoja takes the tape and starts rolling it all the way around her head. I make her use the entire roll of tape while I tease her about not wearing any underwear. I then film her sweet little pussy and it makes her so mad! But there's nothing she can do about it. Now that I've made my step-cousin gag herself I grab my phone and take several pictures of her tightly gagged mouth I even snap a photo of her sexy little cunt while she helplessly sits on the bed with her legs spread and begs me to let her take off that strong, tight and cruel gag I've made her wear!

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Tags: Classic Content Panty Gagged POV Self Gagged Tape Gagged
Making my foul-mouthed step-cousin shut herself up!

Gag Contest!

Kitty Come , Layla Moore

Kitty Come and Layla Moore are about to have a serious gagging contest in which they both have to gag themselves the largest and most effectively! Kitty and Layla start the first round by stuffing their mouths with as many panties as they can possibly fit in. Kitty Come is able to stuff two pair of panties in her mouth while Layla is able to handle three pair of panties in hers! With their mouths filled up with panties, the girls start taping their mouths shut.

Layla uses yellow duct tape while Kitty uses purple duct tape. They both want to win the contest and does an amazing job tape gagging themselves by adding multiple layers of tape to their panty-stuffed mouths before rolling it all the way around their heads! Having made themselves a nice pair of large, tight and massive gags, Layla and Kitty Come starts to gag talking and mmpph'ing to each other to see who gagged themselves the most effectively. They both look adorable and try to mock each other's amazing gags that keep their huge mouth stuffings in place!

Layla and Kitty Come moves on to the second round and starts stuffing their mouths with other panties. Kitty Come makes two pair of panties fit in her mouth once more and desperately tries to make room for a third pair in order to compete with Layla's big mouth. But she fails. Layla also stuffs her mouth again but this time, Layla is only able to fit two pair of panties in because they are so incredibly large! Layla and Kitty Come tape their mouths shut again.

This time, Kitty Come tape gags herself with black duct tape while Layla uses orange duct tape to seal her mouth shut. The girls start another hot gag-talking session and both start to scream as loud as they can. Each do they hope they've made themselves the strongest and most effective gag in order to win the contest while their muffled moans sound so sexy. After a good while of sexy gag talking, Kitty Come and Layla moves on to the third and final round of the gag contest. This time, both girls decide to ball gag themselves.

Kitty Come gags herself with a normal size black ball gag while Layla shuts herself up with a huge red 2.5 inch ball gag! Kitty Come knows she must come up with something to stand a chance against Layla's large ball gag and grabs a roll of blue saran wrap. She wraps it over her ball gag and all the way around her head multiple times until her ball gagged mouth is effectively sealed up! Once Kitty Come is done gagging herself, Layla also grabs the blue saran wrap and wraps it over the huge ball gag in her mouth and all the way around her head while Kitty Come helplessly sits back and starts to realize that she's about to lose the gag contest!

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Tags: Ball Gagged BBW Classic Content Lesbian Bondage Panty Gagged Self Gagged Tape Gagged
Gag Contest!

Teaching Little Mina the Art of Self-Gagging!

Layla Moore , Little Mina

After Layla Moore recently taught Kitty Come how to shut herself up properly, the rumors quickly spread around school and now little Asian beauty Mina wants to be taught the art of self-gagging by Layla too!

Layla tells Mina to take off her panties and stuff them in her mouth. Mina does what she's told and pulls off her panties from under her tiny skirt. Mina stuffs the panties in her mouth. Layla hands Mina a roll of white duct tape and gives Mina instructions on how to place the tape. Mina puts the first strip of tape right over panty-stuffed mouth by herself but Layla wants to really make Mina feel how it's like to be gagged.

So Layla takes the roll of duct tape from Mina and starts taping Mina's mouth shut by adding three more strips to Mina's stuffed mouth before she tightly rolls the tape all the way around Mina's head! Mina's cheeks bulge beautifully as Layla starts asking Mina different questions to know how effectively the gag silences her! "Mmmphhh!!!" Mina is well-muffled by her own panties and Layla laughs at the gorgeous little Asian beauty as she tries to be understood behind her gag!

Layla makes Mina go through a lot of sexy gag talk and it seems that Mina really likes being gagged. Layla gives Mina a big kiss right on her tight tape gag that makes Layla's red lipstick come off on the white tape. Layla continues to tease and laugh at gagged little Mina for a while before she starts un-gagging Mina by slowly unwrapping the tape tightly covering her mouth! Mina mmmphh's beautifully as the tape comes off as it hurts like hell!

With the tape off and the panties out of her mouth, Layla tells Mina to take off her socks and stuff them in her mouth. Mina stuffs both of her socks in her mouth. Layla starts sealing the socks in Mina's mouth by rolling multiple layers of blue saran wrap all the way around Mina's head! The socks in Mina's mouth clearly shows behind the many layers of saran wrap wrapped all the way around her head and she looks so adorably sexy as she starts to yell, scream and gag talk behind her gag while Layla dominantly laughs at her!

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Tags: Classic Content Lesbian Bondage Panty Gagged Self Gagged Sock Gagged Tape Gagged
Teaching Little Mina the Art of Self-Gagging!