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Our Models / Syoja

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Syoja Vital Stats:
AGE:  34
FAVORITE GAG:  Tape Wrap Gag
MOSTLY ENJOYS:  To Be Bound And Gagged

Syoja Updates

Mistress Kailey Gags Her Slave! (Episode 2 Of 2)

Kinky Kailey , Syoja

It's time for Mistress Kailey to do some more gagging on her slave, Syoja! Kailey stuffs a pair of her worn panties as well as one of her worn socks in Syoja's mouth. The busty mistress then tapes her slave's mouth shut with clear duct tape, wrapping it all the way around her head. Kailey's yellow sock comes through beautifully underneath the tape while the panties is pressed back deeply in Syoja's mouth.

Syoja mmph's and moans through her humiliating gag. Syoja gets teased by Kailey who grabs another pair of her worn panties and pulls them down over Syoja's head. The crotch panel covers Syoja's nose and the panties smells like they've been worn for days! Kailey just giggles at Syoja as she moans while Kailey secures the panties to Syoja's head by rolling clear tape over the panties and around Syoja's head. Not only is Syoja made to taste Kailey's pussy and feet from the panties and sock taped in her mouth, she's also made to smell Kailey's pussy from the panties covering her nose!

Mistress Kailey grabs a blue piece of cloth, covers Syoja's face with it and tightens it behind Syoja to really smother her. Syoja endures some cruel breathplay domination and Kailey enjoys every second of it while her gagged slave mmph's in desperation!

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Tags: Classic Content Lesbian Bondage Panty Gagged Panty Hooded Tape Gagged
Mistress Kailey Gags Her Slave! Episode 2 of 2

Mistress Kailey Gags Her Slave! (Episode 1 of 2)

Kinky Kailey , Syoja

Mistress Kailey brings Syoja into her room for some serious gag domination!

Kailey packs Syoja's mouth with three pairs of stockings. Syoja's cheeks bulge out beautifully as her mouth is totally stuffed full by the busty redheaded mistress who then tightly cleave gags her slave with a fourth stocking. Mistress Kailey grabs another stocking, pulls it down over Syoja's head and makes her slave a second cleave gag tied into her mouth outside her nylon-encased head! "Aww... Double-cleaved!" Kailey says teasingly while she admires her tightly gagged slave.

Six pairs of stockings keep Syoja quiet and humiliated. Syoja moans and mmph's to Kailey's enjoyment before she gets her gagged mouth kissed by her dominant mistress without being able to kiss back!

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Tags: Classic Content Cleave Gagged Lesbian Bondage
Mistress Kailey Gags Her Slave! Episode 1 of 2

Making My Foul-Mouthed Step-Cousin Shut Herself Up!

Layla Moore , Syoja

My younger step-cousin Syoja is such a foul-mouthed little bitch who really needs to shut up sometimes! I call her into my room at a family get-together and confront her about how tired I am of her loud and foul mouth before I order her to take off her panties and shove them in her mouth.

When she refuses I tell her if she don't do exactly what I order her to I'll be telling the whole family about her new boyfriend and show them all of the pics I snapped a couple of days ago. Now Syoja has no choice but to obey me and then takes off her panties. She stuffs them all the way in her mouth but she's definitely not happy about it and curses at me.

I am so sick and tired of her profanity so I throw her a roll of blue duct tape and tell her to tape her mouth shut. She is furious but she has no choice if she don't want our family to find out about her new boyfriend. I tell her how to tape gag herself and make her put four nice strips of duct tape over her panty-stuffed mouth before I tell her to wrap the tape all the way around her head! She tries to argue with me but I can't understand a word she's trying to say. I tell Syoja that if she doesn't wrap the tape all the way around her head now, I'll call on our whole family and have them come into my room.

Now that's a good girl: Syoja takes the tape and starts rolling it all the way around her head. I make her use the entire roll of tape while I tease her about not wearing any underwear. I then film her sweet little pussy and it makes her so mad! But there's nothing she can do about it. Now that I've made my step-cousin gag herself I grab my phone and take several pictures of her tightly gagged mouth I even snap a photo of her sexy little cunt while she helplessly sits on the bed with her legs spread and begs me to let her take off that strong, tight and cruel gag I've made her wear!

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Tags: Classic Content Panty Gagged POV Self Gagged Tape Gagged
Making my foul-mouthed step-cousin shut herself up!

The Gag Training Of Kailey! (Episode 2 Of 2)

Kinky Kailey , Syoja

Continued from part 2

Kailey's gag training continues as Syoja gets her redheaded slave on the bench in her S/M room! With Kailey on the bench and with her juicy round ass in the air, Syoja firmly gives Kailey a nice spanking before she restrains Kailey's ankles and wrists. Then, Syoja grabs a nice and pretty large pair of black panties and wonders if she can make them fit into Kailey's mouth. She orders Kailey to open up her mouth before she thoroughly stuffs the panties in and makes them fill every corner of Kailey's mouth perfectly! The panties are so large that Kailey can't even close her lips around them!

Having stuffed Kailey's mouth, Syoja takes a roll of clear duct tape, rips off a perfectly fitted strip, and puts it right across Kailey's panty-stuffed mouth! Kailey mmph's as Syoja asks her how she feels. Syoja grabs a roll of white duct tape and rips off a nice strip. She places the white strip of duct tape right over Kailey's already-sealed-up mouth, grabs a pink bandana, and ties it over Kailey's gagged mouth as an over-the-mouth gag!

Kailey's mouth is now stuffed with a pair of panties, taped shut with two kinds of duct tape, and covered up by a tight over-the-mouth bandana gag! Syoja grabs Kailey's gagged face and kisses it multiple times! With Kailey all gagged up, Syoja orders Kailey to do some nice gag-talk and even scream through her gag! It's amazing to hear how muffled cute Kailey is by Syoja's fantastic gagging and Syoja laughs at Kailey and her well-muffled screams! A while later, Syoja decides to proceed with Kailey's gag training and un-gags her helpless slave.

Then, Syoja takes a black bandana and orders Kailey to open up her mouth to receive another gag. Syoja presses the bandana in between Kailey's teeth and tightly(!) ties the bandana behind Kailey's head. The bandana is tied so tight that it makes Kailey mmph in pain! With Kailey tightly cleave gagged, Syoja sits down in front of Kailey and orders her to stick her tongue out.

Syoja starts slapping Kailey's tongue several times and each time, Kailey moans in pain while Syoja just laughs at her! As if having Kailey tightly cleave gagged with a bandana isn't enough, Syoja takes a massive bit gag and secures it over the bandana and into Kailey's gagged mouth! Kailey is completely muffled by Syoja's cruel gags and can't say a fucking word! Syoja grabs the phone she uses to record the action and makes an extremely sexy close-up shot of Kailey!

Seeing Kailey's face close up, you can only imagine how much it hurts being tightly cleave- and bit gagged like she is! Syoja tells Kailey that she's so cute and that she should just keep her strapped down and gagged forever! But Syoja has yet another gag in mind for Kailey. Syoja un-gags Kailey and prepares to make Kailey another gag. This time with the use of green electrical tape. Syoja tells Kailey to open up her mouth before Syoja tightly rolls the electrical tape into Kailey's mouth and around her head. Syoja rolls it around multiple times to really make the gag strong, tight, and effective!

Kailey is now cleave gagged again but not with a bandana this time. Syoja has used the electrical tape to make Kailey another extremely tight cleave gag that makes Kailey's lips bulge out beautifully! Syoja grabs her phone again and films Kailey close-up and from the side to really show off the amazing gag she makes Kailey wear! Kailey breathes heavily. The tight tape cleave gag hurts but Syoja doesn't care. In fact, she finds Kailey so sexy all gagged up - the tighter, the better!

Syoja sticks her tongue out and licks Kailey's bulging lips thoroughly while Kailey sexily moans behind her gag! Kailey's painful gag training is now done and Syoja has proved to the young redhead that being gagged is something Kailey can definitely handle!

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Tags: Classic Content Cleave Gagged Lesbian Bondage OTM Gagged Panty Gagged Spanking Bondage Tape Gagged
The Gag Training Of Kailey! Episode 2 of 2

The Gag Training Of Kailey! (Episode 1 Of 2)

Kinky Kailey , Syoja

19-year-old Kailey has never been able to handle any kind of gag in her life due to her sensitive gag reflex but today, Kailey's kinky girlfriend Syoja wants to prove Kailey wrong by showing her that she can in fact handle being gagged! Syoja has taken Kailey to her S/M dungeon to really give Kailey an ultimate domination experience while capturing all of the action on her phone!

Syoja pulls the chain around Kailey's neck and orders Kailey to open her mouth. Syoja thoroughly studies Kailey's mouth with her hands and tells Kailey that there sure is enough room to stuff something in there. Syoja pulls Kailey's chain collar and commands her to get up before Syoja chains Kailey to the x-cross. With Kailey on the cross, Syoja bows down and removes Kailey's left shoe and sock. "Smell!", Syoja says as she presses Kailey's worn sock over her nose again and again. Syoja tells Kailey to open wide and stuffs the sock into the left corner of Kailey's moaning mouth!

Then, Syoja removes Kailey's right shoe and sock and stuffs the sock into the other corner of Kailey's mouth. With Kailey's mouth all stuffed, Syoja releases Kailey from the cross and orders Kailey down on her knees. Syoja dominantly asks Kailey questions about how it feels to be gagged but she can't understand Kailey's muffled answers and tells Kailey to talk more clearly! Then, Syoja grabs a roll of clear duct tape and seals the socks into Kailey's mouth by slapping several strips over her mouth!

With Kailey securely gagged, Syoja makes Kailey sit right in front of the recording phone to show her gag close-up! Being extremely dominant, Syoja teasingly decides to plug Kailey's nose with two fingers to really show Kailey who's in charge! Syoja continuously kisses Kailey's taped mouth and each time her red lipstick comes off on the tape and has proved that Kailey can handle being gagged, Syoja slowly un-gags Kailey.

Then, Syoja wants to see Kailey gag herself and orders Kailey to stuff her own socks in her mouth. Just as Kailey starts stuffing her mouth, Syoja tells Kailey that she'll just go ahead and stuff her own mouth too! Syoja pulls off one of her knee-high socks and starts stuffing her mouth right next to Kailey! With both girls' mouths all stuffed and with their cheeks bulging out beautifully, Kailey and Syoja sexily start gag kissing each other.

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Tags: Classic Content Lesbian Bondage Sock Gagged Tape Gagged
The Gag Training Of Kailey! Episode 1 of 2

Gagged Webcam Model (Episode 2 of 2)


Gorgeous webcam model Syoja's private customer is back and wants to see Syoja gag herself again! This time, Syoja is ordered to take a pair of her own worn panties and thoroughly smell them. Syoja does what she's told and smells the panties. They stink! Syoja really hates the smell of these panties as she's been wearing them for several days! Now that Syoja has smelled her panties, her customer now wants her to stuff the panties in her mouth.

Syoja really doesn't want to but she's given a good prize for this session so she stuffs them in her mouth. She crams them into each corner of her mouth Syoja coughs and moans as she stuffs the panties in her mouth. They taste really bad and all she wants to do is to spit them out! But her customer won't let her. He orders Syoja to tie a black scarf over her panty-stuffed mouth to keep the panties in there. Syoja follows his orders and once the scarf has been tightly tied behind her back, Syoja starts complaining about how bad the panties taste! "Mmmphh! Mmmpphhh! Mmmpphhh!" Nobody is able to understand a word Syoja is trying to say.

She's so dissatisfied. Syoja almost starts crying as she whimpers and moans through her effective panty-gag while her customer is giving her orders to do more close-ups of her gag for him. Then, Syoja is ordered to un-tie the black scarf. She's relieved about the thought of getting those worn panties out of her mouth but her customer has other ideas in mind for her. He orders Syoja to put on red lipstick while she still has the panties in her mouth! Once Syoja's done putting on lipstick, she is ordered to seal her mouth shut with clear duct tape.

The customer wants to be able to enjoy the sight of Syoja's panties behind the tape gag and he sure is! The panties are solidly packed in Syoja's moaning mouth while her red lips also show beautifully behind the tape! After a while of Syoja's gag-bitching about how bad it is having her own worn panties taped in her mouth, her customer orders her to calm down. Syoja calms down immediately and starts moaning like she's enjoying her gag. She also starts playing around with her hair and giggles as she slaps the sides of her face like she's been a really bad girl!

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Tags: Classic Content Cleave Gagged Panty Gagged Self Gagged Tape Gagged
Gagged Webcam Model Episode 2 of 2

Gagged Webcam Model (Episode 1 of 2)


A private customer has turned on his screen recorder to capture everything he makes cute webcam model Syoja go through in this live session. He wants Syoja to stuff a red ball gag in her mouth but Syoja doesn't have a ball gag so she comes up with an idea which is to use the red tape she tape gagged herself with yesterday, roll it up in a ball and stuff it inside a white stocking. The customer accepts and Syoja stuffs the red ball of tape inside a white transparent stocking.

Flirty Syoja shows it to the customer, gives it a kiss, and shows how nicely her lipstick comes off on the stocking before she stuffs it in her mouth and ties it tightly behind her back. Syoja is now gagged and starts gag-talking! Lots of muffled words are spoken by Syoja but not one of them can be understood! Syoja moves close-up and shows how drooly her gag makes her! Then, Syoja is asked by the customer to pretend as a damsel. Syoja starts pleading for help and looks so helpless while the gag keeps her quiet!

After a good while of acting as a damsel in trouble, the customer wants to hear Syoja moan behind her gag while she shows it off. Syoja is very flirty as she moans in joy. The more Syoja talks and moans the more lipstick comes off on the stocking and it's become a total mess! The white stocking with the red ball of tape in it is totally covered in Syoja's red lipstick! The customer wants her gag covered up and made more efficient so he orders Syoja to add silver duct tape to her gag. Syoja does as she's told and puts four long strips of tape over her gagged mouth.

Now the stained lipstick can't be seen anymore and Syoja is kept even more quiet! She starts gag-talking again, tries to scream through her gag, and whimpers as she notices how well it silences her! Trying to please her customer even more, Syoja plays around with her hair and touches her breasts while she moans and giggles! Once the customer has seen enough, he asks Syoja is un-gag herself. Syoja removes her tape gag and shows how beautifully her lip imprints can be seen on the backside of the tape.

Then, Syoja unties the stocking with the red ball of tape in it. She comments on all the drool that has made the stocking soaking wet while showing it off to the customer who captured all of this action live on his screen and made this video possible!

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Tags: Classic Content Self Gagged Tape Gagged
Gagged Webcam Model Episode 1 of 2

Syoja in Painful Self Bondage!


Kinky Syoja is having a very boring weekend and decides to keep herself entertained with some sexy and painful self-bondage! Syoja's adventure starts with two metal chords that she uses to restrain her tits before she ties up both boobs using green rope! Now, Syoja is not a rigger, but she knows how to tie up her tits nice and tight! After tying up both tits, Syoja puts on clothespins on her nipples to add even more pain to her bondage! It hurts having her tits tied up and nipple clamped so Syoja has to quiet herself down...

She stuffs 5 nylon socks deep into her mouth one after another while counting and once all 5 socks have been securely crammed into her mouth, clear packaging tape makes sure the socks will stay in before Syoja adds a few strips of silver duct tape on top of it! But she doesn't stop there... Instead, Syoja rolls black bondage tape around her head to make her gag even more effective and to feel even more helpless than she already is! Now that 5 socks are kept in Syoja's mouth by packaging tape, duct tape, and bondage tape, Syoja takes cling wrap and wraps it over her nose before a green scarf covers up her whole face!

Finally, Syoja pulls down a black hood over her head and tries to moan through her massive gag. She can barely breathe and it's almost impossible to hear anything coming out of her sock-stuffed and securely gagged mouth while she playfully adds vibration to the clothespins on her nipples! It's incredibly sexy seeing Syoja in this painful situation while she gets so turned on! After a while of being helpless and playing with her tied-up tits, Syoja removes her gag layer by layer. The clothespins are removed and you can see the sexy marks they've left on Syoja's nipples!

Syoja is so turned on that she slaps her bound tits several times to finish off her incredible self-bondage experience!

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Tags: Classic Content Self Gagged Tape Gagged
Syoja In Painful Self Bondage