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Our Models / Syoja

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Syoja Vital Stats:
AGE:  34
FAVORITE GAG:  Tape Wrap Gag
MOSTLY ENJOYS:  To Be Bound And Gagged

Syoja Updates

Happy Kinky Birthday Syoja - Part 2

Sassy Katt , Syoja

A kinky birthday girl needs a kinky birthday party so tall black goddess Sassy Katt has arranged something very special for her girlfriend Syoja. Having blown up balloons and lined up a bunch of kinky toys, Sass is ready to take the birthday girl by surprise when she gets home - and she captures it all on camera!

Sass knows how much the birthday girl likes being gagged but she also knows how much the birthday girl likes to gag others. So being a very generous girlfriend, Sass offers Syoja the chance to gag her. Syoja tells Sass to take off her long knee-high socks and hand them to her. Every time Syoja is about to gag someone she always do a little mouth play, stretching and pulling the mouth wide open to see how much room there is for a nice mouth packing - and Sass is no exception! Syoja steadily stuffs one of Sass' own knee-high socks into her big mouth, grabs a pink roll of duct tape and starts gagging her tall girlfriend. Syoja is extremely thorough when gagging others! Several long strips of tape are put on over Sass' sock-packed mouth to really keep her quiet. The birthday girl just made her girlfriend a large and heavy tape gag and she loves it so much she gives Sass a nice big wet lipstick kiss on her gag!

Syoja lies down on the floor. She expects Sass to restrain her. Sass still wears her amazing tape gag as she begins to tie up the cute birthday girl with saran wrap. Syoja is on her stomach getting her ankles wrapped and her hands behind her back. Tape gagged Sass is a good wrapper and she connects Syoja's bound ankles to her tied hands, putting the birthday girl in a nice hogtie. To humiliate her hogtied girlfriend a little more, Sass takes one of Syoja's stinky shoes and wraps it to her face. Syoja is now bound, hogtied, gagged, and humiliated all at the same time. Still wearing that tape gag herself, Sass grabs one of the wooden spoons and spanks Syoja's nyloned feet with it, making the bound little birthday girl moan and sniff her own stinky shoe tied to her pretty little face. What a kinky way to celebrate a birthday!

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Tags: American Brunettes Classic Content Dress Bondage Hogtied Lesbian Bondage Shoe Sniffing Sock Gagged Spanking Bondage Tape Gagged
Happy Kinky Birthday Syoja Part 2

Happy Kinky Birthday Syoja - Part 1

Sassy Katt , Syoja

A kinky birthday girl needs a kinky birthday party so tall black goddess Sassy Katt has arranged something very special for her girlfriend Syoja. Having blown up balloons and lined up a bunch of kinky toys, Sass is ready to take the birthday girl by surprise when she gets home - and she captures it all on camera!

Syoja comes home. She is very sad that Sass didn't invite anyone over to celebrate her. Sass apologizes and says that instead of inviting someone over, she wants to celebrate Syoja's birthday with just the two of them. Syoja quickly noticed all the stuff her tall girlfriend has lined up for her; five rolls of tape, four wooden spoons, numerous clothespins and a red gift bag. Syoja is so curious to find out what's in the bag so she sits down and unpacks her gift. It's a jaw stretcher - a mouth-opening steel gag that forces the mouth wide open. Sass wants Syoja to try it on now, so she puts down the camera and gags the naughty birthday girl with it. Syoja's tongue sticks out as her mouth is stretched to the max by her new gift. She can't say anything at all now, so Sass decides to put those clothespins into play. One by one she attached the clothespins to Syoja's bare breasts and nipples. Syoja can't decide whether to laugh or cry while she's drooling all over herself with Sass putting on a new clothespin for each year her kinky girlfriend has turned. She turns 33 today so a total of 33 clothespins is clamped to her tits and her nipples. Sass wriggle, tickle, and slap Syoja's pinned tits just to send painful vibrations into them while she laughs and humiliates the sweet little birthday girl!

The kinky birthday fun has only just begun so it's time to move along for another kinky surprise. Sass puts her camera in another position to get a better angle of what will happen next. She tells Syoja to take off her panties, hand them to her and sit down in front of the camera. Sass begins to pack the birthday girl's mouth with her own worn panties in a very slow and sensual way before she puts several long strips of clear packing tape over it. Syoja is nicely tape gagged with her own dirty panties stuffed in her mouth behind. Knowing how much the birthday girl loves tape and being quite the tape lover herself, Sass takes another kind of tape, army green duct tape, and puts numerous strips of that on top of Syoja's already gagged mouth. The tape gag is heavy and multi-layered but Sass thinks it needs a final touch. She puts a white piece of duct tape on Syoja's tape gag, grabs a pen and writes "Happy Birthday Syoja" on it. Sass orders Syoja over her knee. Syoja looks so small lying there with her sweet ass in the air over her tall girlfriend's knee. Sass takes a wooden spoon and hits the gagged birthday girl's round ass and her cute little feet before it's time to do a hard and serious firm hand spanking!

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Tags: American Brunettes Classic Content Dress Bondage Lesbian Bondage Panty Gagged Spanking Bondage Tape Gagged
Happy Kinky Birthday Syoja Part 1

Ebony Beauty Cling Wrapped In Underwear

Eternal Dark Candy , Syoja

Black and busty Eternal Dark Candy was recently put through a cruel gag training session by mistress Syoja and gets taken by surprise a couple days later. The ebony is sound resting on her bed totally unaware of Syoja's presence and the things going on around her. Unknowingly to the napping beauty, mistress Syoja has set up a recording camera to document what's next to come which involves a pair of panties, cling film, and three rolls of duct tape.

Even though Eternal is already resting, Syoja doesn't wanna risk the beauty waking up and puts up a fight while she gets wrapped up. So with a strong liquid soaked into a white cloth, Syoja grabs Eternal and holds the cloth over her mouth. Syoja can now start wrapping up the girl without distractions. Syoja thoroughly wraps Eternal in cling film plastic from her feet and up but Syoja has only just gotten to wrap Eternal's thighs before she wakes up from her rest again. Eternal is rather confused and doesn't know what is going on. Syoja continues to wrap up Eternal while telling her this is all just a dream.

Eternal has no strength or energy to resist. Her whole body is being wrapped up with her hands down her sides and there is nothing she can do about it. Syoja forge the tight plastic wrappings on Eternal's legs by adding a strong and secure layer of silver duct tape to really immobilize her captive's legs before she stuffs a pair of panties in her mouth and tapes it shut with three nicely put strips of white duct tape. Cocooned and gagged wearing nothing but her underwear, Eternal can do nothing to escape her tight and cruel mummification bondage.

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Tags: American Brunettes Busty Women Classic Content Humiliation Lesbian Bondage Mummification Panty Gagged Tape Gagged
Cling Wrapped In Underwear

The Gag Training Of Eternal Dark Candy

Eternal Dark Candy , Syoja

If you're looking for someone who really knows how to shut people up, you have to pay mistress Syoja a visit like super sexy Eternal Dark Candy does in this clip. Syoja likes to push people to their limits and beyond when it comes to gags and her methods are often unbelievably mean. Mistress Syoja locks up Eternal's fingers behind her back using a finger lock and also locks up Eternal's legs and ties her ankles up with rope connected to her hands. Eternal is now hogtied with rope around her neck and ready to receive her gag training.

Wide Mouth-Opening Dental Gag
In the first step to see how much Eternal's mouth can take, Syoja shoves a steel dental gag in there and carefully makes it open up wide until Eternal signals it's enough. With Eternal's mouth wide open, Syoja tries to make a few rubber balls fit in there but Eternal can't open up her mouth more than the dental gag makes her, so Syoja comes up with the idea of stuffing a sock in there instead. Syoja gets up to look for a pair of socks to use but when she comes back Eternal somehow manages to push out her gag. That pisses Syoja off and she rapidly gags the dark beauty again - this time even tighter and with Eternal's mouth stretched wider than before. Syoja wants to make sure the gag stays in so she also ties it in with rope. No way that gag will be coming off this time! A nice and long thick tube sock is then stuffed in Eternal's open mouth by Syoja who soon realizes that Eternal really enjoys being gagged.

Sock Taped Mouth And Colorful Fabrics Gag
After that cruel yet sexy dental sock-stuffing gag, Syoja moves on to the next gag. Syoja takes out the long sock stuffed in Eternal's mouth and repacks it right back in there before she plasters multiple layers of clear duct tape over it to keep it in. Eternal looks adorable with her mouth fully sock packed underneath her clear tape gag and even more when Syoja finds a whole bunch of colorful see-through fabrics and ties them over Eternal's mouth and nose. Syoja releases Eternal from her hogtie and ties her hands to her locked-up feet instead. Eternal is beautifully gagged and really enjoys how she's being kept quiet by her mistress.

Huge Rubber Ball Vet Wrap-Gag And A Leathered Hand Over The Mouth Gag
Having made her slave endure two extraordinary gags, Syoja releases Eternal from her restraints but there is one more thing she wants to do to the gorgeous sweetheart. Syoja stuffs a huge green rubber ball in Eternal's mouth and wraps it in with many layers of orange vet wrap. Not only does the wrap gag cover Eternal's ball-stuffed mouth, but it also covers her throat giving her an awesome turtleneck. That green huge ball in Eternal's mouth bulges out and looks extremely sexy. As the final part of Eternal's gag training, Syoja puts on a leather glove and covers Eternal's gagged mouth. She also plays light breath play games with Eternal by plugging her nose combined with doing sexy glove hand gagging on her. Syoja has turned Eternal into a gag slave and in the end, Eternal starts begging for more gagging from her mean mistress.

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Tags: American Brunettes Busty Women Classic Content First Timers Hand Gagged Hogtied Humiliation Lesbian Bondage Sock Gagged Tape Gagged
The Gag Training Of Eternal Dark Candy

That Black Girl Knows How To Handsmother!

Eternal Dark Candy , Syoja

Enjoy this extremely sexy handsmothering clip where African-American domina Eternal Dark Candy makes Syoja feel the power of insanely tight and evil hand gagging! Eternal puts on her black latex gloves and slaps Syoja's tits with a wooden spoon. Syoja becomes very noisy so Eternal covers Syoja's mouth with her latex-clad hands and also plugs her nose to really shut up the loud-mouthed girl. Syoja has a hard time breathing due to the tight and heavy handsmother the sexy domina performs on her but that seems to be of no problem for Eternal who just tightens her grip around Syoja's mmpphh'ing mouth even more. Eternal later drops her latex gloves, puts Syoja in a chokehold, and continues to smother the poor bitch with her bare, strong, and powerful hands while Syoja desperately fights for a bit of air!

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Tags: American Brunettes Classic Content Hand Gagged Humiliation
That Black Girl Knows How To Handsmother!

Sluts Gagging Sluts

Kinky Kailey , Layla Moore , Sassy Katt , Syoja

Get ready to experience the amazing two-on-two gag domination where kinky duo Syoja and Kailey turn Layla and Sassy into their own personal gag sluts! Kailey is in charge of shutting up Layla while Syoja takes care of Sassy's mouth. Kailey and Syoja simultaneously packs a knee-high sock in each their girl's mouth before they wrap electrical tape around their heads to secure their mouth stuffings. Layla and Sassy mmmpphh while Syoja and Kailey continue to gag their muffled whores, now with several strips of duct tape. Syoja and Kailey humiliate Layla and Sassy and make the girls gag kiss before green vet wrap is wrapped around their heads to add the final layer of silence to their heavy gags!

Layla and Sassy get their revenge on Kailey and Syoja in this second episode of the amazing gag domination series! Layla gags Kailey while Sassy makes sure to keep Syoja quiet. Kailey and Syoja each get their mouth stuffed with a pair of worn panties held in their mouths with electrical tape wrapped around their heads. Layla and Sassy then tape gags the kinky duo by wrapping duct tape over their mouths. Kailey gets vet wrap wrapped over her tight tape gag while Syoja has another layer of electrical tape wrapped over her tape gag. Kailey and Syoja are tightly gagged and humiliated by Layla and Sassy who later makes their kinky gag whores kiss each other while gagged!

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Tags: American Brunettes Classic Content Double Domination Gag Kissing Humiliation Lesbian Bondage Multiple Women Panty Gagged Romance Sock Gagged Tape Gagged
Sluts Gagging Sluts

Made To Selfgag By My Fetishistic Stepsister

Kinky Kailey , Syoja

I'm getting ready for a night out flirting with the boys when my big step-sister enters my room. She's holding a video camera filming me as I'm sitting there putting on red lipstick in front of the mirror. The only problem is, the lipstick is my step-sister's and I'm using it without her permission. Stepsis got me on tape and there's no way I'll be able to talk my way out of this. She gets so mad at me for taking her lipstick without asking her first and tells me to give it to her.

From the past I've learned never to argue with my step-sister because she's so dominant and always gets her will, so I hand her the lipstick without putting up a fight. Step-Sis tells me that now she's caught me on film she might as well go tell step-mom that I'm a little thief and that I'm flirting with boys. I plead step-sis not to tell step-mom because that would get me grounded for at least a week and I don't like being grounded! Step-Sis listens to me and says that she won't tell step-mom if I accept a bit of humiliation. I know exactly what kind of humiliation my step-sister is talking about, I've known her all my life and she's always enjoyed gagging me when I didn't behave.

I think it's called a gag fetish or something... I don't know. All I know is she's a dominant girl and she gets off seeing me, her little step-sister, gagged and humiliated. I'm made to follow my step-sister's instructions to keep step-mom outta this while I'm being filmed. Step-Sis makes me gag myself with her red ball gag as tight as I can and tells me to put duct tape over it. She's so mean and she even writes "SLUT" on my tape gag while I helplessly whimper and struggle to talk. If you don't believe me just watch the video my big step-sister filmed and see how humiliated I feel when she made me gag myself!

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Tags: American Ball Gagged Classic Content Dress Bondage Humiliation POV Self Gagged Tape Gagged
Made To Selfgag By Her Gag Fetishistic Stepsister

Blackmailed Into Self-Gagging On Skype!


She's a shoplifter and she thought she could betrust her Skype buddy anything until one day she comes home and shows him the different kinds of tape she took from the store: microfoam, clear, and silver duct tape.

Her buddy knows where she lives and threatens to tell her stepdad about her shoplifting adventures unless she uses the stolen tape to shut herself up. She's left with no choice and is made to do what's being asked of her. The microfoam tape suits her mouth perfectly and makes her beautiful lips come through. She's not happy about this and bitches, whines, and grunts behind her microfoam tape gag that muffles her sounds so well. Little does she know her online buddy is jerking off to the view and the protesting voice of his blackmailed victim.

He makes her show her taped mouth from different angles; in profile, from the front, and up close for a better look of her sealed lips. Once her buddy has seen enough of her microfoam tape gag he tells her to ungag herself and promptly tells her to stand up, take off her panties and stuff them in her mouth. She loudly protests but step-daddy shouldn't find out she's been shoplifting so she does what she's being told.

With the panties that covered her asshole and pussy a few seconds ago now filling out her mouth, she tapes them in with a few strips of the stolen clear tape before her buddy tells her to take the silver duct tape and wrap it around her head and over her panty stuffed and taped mouth. Mad and outraged the blackmailed shoplifter makes herself a tight tape gag that makes her panties deeper into the back of her protesting mouth. She's muffled more than ever while her buddy keeps jerking off to the sight and the smothered sound of her gagged mouth.

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Tags: American Brunettes Classic Content Dress Bondage Humiliation Panty Gagged Self Gagged Tape Gagged
Blackmailed Into Self-Gagging On Skype!