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Buried By The Beach Bitches!

Anli Anila , Laika Labado , Mary Macaya , Pao

Sweet friends Mary and Laika are enjoying some quality time at the beach when Pao and Anli, also known as "The Beach Bitches", approaches!

Pao and Anli invite themselves to sit down on Mary and Laika's towel which makes Laika and Mary pretty uncomfortable. Pao and Anli ask Mary and Laika for money but Mary and Laika don't have any money. Instead, Pao and Anli want the girls' cell phones which, of course, Mary and Laika don't wanna give them!

Pao and Anli grab the two sweet girlfriends who soon become buried in the sand with only their heads sticking out! Anli and Pao go through Mary and Laika's bags where they find worn panties and tape they use to gag the two buried girls with.

The Beach Bitches takes a lot of selfies with the buried girls they gagged before they steal their bags and their phones, leaving them totally helpless in the sand!

Included in this clip: bondage, trapped, buried, tape gagged, Latina, panty gagged, mouth stuffed, humiliation, double domination, gag fetish, sand buried, gagged selfies, damsels, BDSM

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Tags: Beach Bondage Brunettes Double Domination Humiliation Latinas Lesbian Bondage Multiple Women Outdoor Bondage Panty Gagged Tape Gagged Teens (18/19)
Buried By The Beach Bitches!

A Traitor Among Us

Anli Anila , Laika Labado , Mary Macaya , Pao

Four hot sorority sisters (Mary, Laika, Anli, and Pao) have agreed to sneak up and snoop around a notorious property to find out what's really going on inside the house. Rumour has it that the place is used by criminal people who are taking girls and sending them overseas and the girls want to find out if it is really true!

Mary, Laika, Anli, and Pao find out who will be the one to go by playing a game of rock, paper, scissors. The loser is Anli. So with her sweet friends waiting behind, Anli sneaks around the house and tries to get a look inside the house through the windows when she is suddenly grabbed and thrown over the shoulder, carried away by a guy without her friends knowing anything about it!

Back on the other side, Mary, Laika, and Pao don't understand what is taking Anli so long so they agree to do another game of rock, paper, scissors to find out who will go out and look for her. The loser is Mary who is sent away to look for Anli when the very same thing happens to her; she is grabbed, put over the shoulder by a guy, and carried away, into the house!

There is no trace of either Mary or Anli so Laika and Pao are starting to worry a lot. Laika takes her cell phone and calls the police and just as she is about to explain the address she is grabbed from behind by Pao!

The next thing they know, Anli, Mary, and Laika find themselves all chair-tied inside the house where they are approached to have their mouths gagged by the guy and traitorous Pao who will finally be joining her captured friends!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, lift and carry, sock gagged, mouth stuffed, carried over the shoulder, damsels, multiple girls in bondage, chair tied, struggling, bound and gagged girls, tape gagged, domination, gagging, Latinas, gag talk, BDSM, tape gagged, gag fetish

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Tags: Brunettes Chairtied Duct Tape Bondage Hand Gagged Humiliation Jeans Bondage Latinas Lesbian Bondage Lift And Carry Maledom Multiple Women Sock Gagged Tape Gagged Teens (18/19)
A Traitor Among Us

HeeeelMMPPHH!!! My New Neighbor Is A Trader!!!

Mary Macaya , Pao

Sweet Mary Macaya stops by her new neighbor, Pao, to welcome her to the neighborhood. Mary is invited inside for a glass of wine.

The next thing Mary knows is waking up all tied up with duct tape on a chair while overhearing a phone conversation between her new neighbor, Pao, and someone else whom Pao is telling to come to get Mary! 

Mary starts to make a lot of noise, so Pao immediately hangs up the phone and puts a hand over Mary's mouth to shut her up. Pao dangles a dirty pair of panties in front of hand gagged Mary's face, letting Mary know exactly where those nasty panties will be going right before she stuffs them in Mary's mouth.

Pao wraps multiple layers of duct tape around Mary's head and over her panty-stuffed mouth. Pao sits down next to bound and wrap gagged Mary and goes through her bag and all her things as Mary won't be needing any of those things anymore.

Mary is briefly left to struggle while Pao goes out to meet the carrier who is going to pick up Mary. Pao returns with the carrier - a guy - who checks out the goods of Pao's new capture. He then lifts bound and gagged Mary from the chair and takes her away bound, and gagged over his shoulder to start her new life!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, Latina, knocked out, hand over mouth, fetish, handgag, napping, tape gagged, mouth stuffing, panty gagged, struggling, on-screen gagging, ots carry, damsel, lift and carry, wrap gagged, chair tied, gag talk, bdsm, gag fetish  

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Tags: Brunettes Chairtied Double Domination Duct Tape Bondage Hand Gagged Humiliation Latinas Lesbian Bondage Lift And Carry Panty Gagged Short Pants Tape Gagged
HeeeelMMPPHH!!! My New Neighbor Is A Slave Trader!!!