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Our Models / Katherine Martinez

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Katherine Martinez Vital Stats:
AGE:  22
FROM:  South America
SPEAKS:  Spanish
ETHNICITY:  Hispanic
FAVORITE GAG:  Tape Wrap Gag

Katherine Martinez is the oldest stepdaughter of Laura Martinez and the oldest stepsister of Maria Martinez.

She began her acting career at the age of 19 shortly after we hired her stepmom Laura for a softcore fetish project when she was looking for work in a Facebook group.

Katherine had no experience with bondage, gags, or fetish whatsoever but she is a quick learner and acts amazing as a dom and a sub!

Katherine Martinez Updates

Tit Groping Our Mummified Stepmom And Her Lesbian Bondage Partner

Katherine Martinez , Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez , Wendy Lopez

A MILF (Laura Martinez) is playing kinky tie-up games with her lesbian bondage lover, Wendy Lopez. She ballgags and mummifies her partner who also gets duct tape put over her ballgag.

The duct tape mummification is carefully made so that Wendy's big tits are sticking out of her cocoon, allowing Laura to grope, fondle and play with them! Laura moves the mummified woman to the bed where the breast groping continues. This is when Laura's two girls, Katherine and Maria, walk in on her fondling her lesbian play partner!

The girls bust their embarrassed stepmom being kinky with tape bondage, but she ain't too embarrassed to ask the girls if they could tie her up by mummifying her too! Katherine and Maria agree to mummify stepmom and they are gagging her in the very same way as she gagged her partner: a ballgag with a tapegag outside of it!

So with stepmom wrapped up and gagged, the girls drag her lesbian partner over to stand next to her. Katherine and Maria think it would be funny to be gagged as well, so they wrapgag each other with white bandage wrap!

The two gagged women, mummified with their tits out, receive sexy tit fondling from the two gagged girls who love to play with their big boobs! The girls later drag stepmom and her partner over to the bed where they continue their bondage groping journey!

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Tags: Ball Gagged Brunettes Busty Women Double Domination Duct Tape Bondage Gag Kissing Groping Humiliation Latinas Lesbian Bondage MILF Bondage Multiple Women Mummification Romance Tape Gagged
Tit Groping Our Mummified Stepmom And Her Lesbian Bondage Partner

Receiving A Microfoamly Tape Gagged Handjob From My Sexy Superheroine Girlfriend!

Katherine Martinez

My girlfriend surprised me by dressing up in a red superheroine bodysuit to do something extra special for me. She also brought the microform tape because she knows how horny I get when she's gagged!

She's sitting between my legs, looking sexy as fuck, when she applies a big piece of microfoam tape to her mouth. The medical tape instantly conforms to her beautiful lips, making my dick nice and hard.

My gagged girl moans into her gag and jerks me off to make me cum! An incredible gagged handjob!

Included in this clip: microfoam tape gagged girl, tape gagged handjob, superheroine handjob, latina handjob, gagged women, medical tapegag, cumshot, moaning fetish, pov handjob


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Tags: Brunettes Costume Bondage Handjobs Humiliation Latinas POV Tape Gagged
Receiving A Microfoamly Tape Gagged Handjob From My Sexy Superheroine Girlfriend!

Three Struggling Bondage Mummies

Katherine Martinez , Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez

This sexy MILF has failed to protect herself and her two cute girls from the entangling tape ties wrapped around their bodies. The two girls are all wrapped up with black duct tape and tightly gagged while their MILF is encased in a cocoon made out of silver duct tape.

The MILF has her big fake silicone tits exposed and sticking out of her mummification bondage as the only one of the three mummified women, making her one angry bondage damsel!

Watch the three encased women barefoot and struggling in bondage, all gagged up and restrained with lots of duct tape in three different positions: standing, laying on the floor, and bound on the bed!

Included in this clip: mummification bondage, angry women gagged, bondage struggle, tape bondage, bound and gagged, tied up and gagged, barefoot bondage, mummified women, three gagged women mummified, big tits, milf bondage, gag talk, bdsm

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Tags: Brunettes Busty Women Duct Tape Bondage Humiliation Latinas MILF Bondage Multiple Women Mummification Tape Gagged Teens (18/19) Topless Bondage
Three Struggling Bondage Mummies

Bound And Gagged Girl Has Stinky Gym Shoe Tied To Her Face

Katherine Martinez , Laura Martinez

A blindfolded girl with duct tape on her mouth and her hands tied back is walked across the room barefoot by the woman responsible for her restraint.

The woman makes the silenced girl sit on the hard floor where her blindfold is removed and her simple tapegag replaced with a handgag. A rubber ball is pushed into the girl's mouth and several pieces of silver duct tape are plastered across her stuffed mouth to keep the ballgag in place.

The gagging of the girl is followed by entangling duct tape ties winded around the girl's legs to reduce mobility, and with the bound girl gagged up, the woman makes her stand up and jump toward a counter.

Here, the girl is lifted to lie face-down on top of the counter and she gets hogtied and hogtaped by the evil woman.

A stinky gym shoe found nearby is strapped onto the girl's face with duct tape securing it so that the girl's nose is stuck into the middle of the shoe.

The woman tickles her gagged bondage slave and spanks her ass a bit before leaving her to struggle and breathe in the fumes from the sweaty gym shoe!

Included in this clip: tape bondage, blindfolded girl, tape gagged woman, mouth stuffed gag, rubber ballgag, hogtied, barefoot bondage, shoe tied to face, bound and gagged, gagged girl, tied up, lesbian domination, humiliation, tickling, bdsm


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Tags: Brunettes Dress Bondage Duct Tape Bondage Hogtied Humiliation Latinas Lesbian Bondage Shoe Sniffing Tape Gagged
Bound And Gagged With Stinky Gym Shoe Tied To Her Face

A Merry Boob Fondling Christmas

Katherine Martinez , Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez , Wendy Lopez

It is Friday night and two MILFs, Laura and her best friend Wendy, are spending some quality time together.

Laura tells Wendy that she has a secret friend - a Christmas elf - she can make appear with some magic at any time! Laura put a Christmas elf hat on the floor, covers it with a white blanket, and tells her friend to close her eyes, cross her fingers and make a wish... Suddenly, a figure appears underneath the white blanket!

The two MILFs are so excited as they pull the white blanket to reveal Laura's young sexy female elf friend, Maria, who asks what she can do for the two ladies tonight. Laura says she wants Maria to do naughty things to her and Wendy tonight and Maria is happy to help.

With a snap of her fingers, the elf turns Wendy naked with her wrists tied behind her back. She gives Laura a red ball gag and some baby oil. Laura ballgags Wendy and pours oil over her chest. She starts to massage Wendy's big boobs while the young elf is enjoying the women's kinky playtime together!

Maria can't keep her hands off Wendy's breasts while Laura fondles them. She asks Laura if it's time to get Laura tied up naked next to Wendy, and Laura agrees. So with a snap of her fingers, Laura is now tied up naked with her hands tied behind her back and with a ball gag in her mouth next to Wendy!

Maria starts fondling the two naked bondage women while they both moan into their ball gags! She carefully massages their big sexy MILF tits, squeezes them, and plays with them. After a while, Maria spawns one of her naughty elf friends, Katherine. Katherine has brought a roll of microfoam tape and she plasters the two ball gagged women's mouths shut by adding microfoam tape gags over their ballgags!

Then Katherine puts a piece of microfoam tape on Maria's mouth and lets Maria tape gag her as well. With all four of them gagged up, Katherine and Maria fondle a woman each while they all moan into their gags. After a while, Katherine and Maria swap women so each woman gets the best of both worlds!

Included in this clip: milf bondage, magic bondage, nude bondage, ball gagged women, gag talk, naked women, big tits, microfoam tape gags, fondled women, Christmas bondage, boob fondling, gag fetish, latina bondage, muffled moaning


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Tags: Ball Gagged BBW Bondage Brunettes Busty Women Costume Bondage Double Domination Groping Latinas Lesbian Bondage Magical Bondage MILF Bondage Multiple Women Nude Bondage Romance Tape Gagged
A Merry Boob Fondling Christmas

Making Stepmom Clean My Extremely Smelly Feet!

Katherine Martinez , Laura Martinez

In this custom video, stepmom Laura and her stepdaughter Katherine were asked not to shower for 3 days and wear the same white socks day and night during workouts, grocery shopping, and other everyday tasks.

The video was filmed at the end of the third and final day where Laura and Katherine would play a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors to determine which one of them would be cleaning the other's sweaty feet with her mouth!

It's no secret that their feet and socks have become extremely sweaty, moist, and incredibly smelly over the past 3 days and they both honestly hope not to lose the game. That is why Katherine is extremely happy when she wins the game over her stepmom who must submit herself and become a foot slave to her stepdaughter!

Laura is made to smell and lick Katherine's dirty socks, clean her bare feet and finally become a bondage pet used as Katherine's footrest, gagged with her dirty socks and with her stinky shoe tied to her face!

Laura really struggles with her gag reflex during this humiliating foot cleaning session!

Included in this clip: lesbian feet, foot worship, dirty socks fetish, stepmom and stepdaughter, sweaty feet, latina feet, lesbian domination, gagging, licking dirty socks, foot cleaning slave, cough fetish, toe sucking, bondage slave, gag reflex, lezdom feet, verbal humiliation


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Tags: Brunettes Challenges Foot Fetish Foot Worship Humiliation Latinas Slave Training
Making Stepmom Clean My Extremely Smelly Feet!

Huff And Taste My Dirty Panties!

Katherine Martinez , Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez

With her hands tied behind her back, cleave-gagged Maria Martinez is led into the room by Laura and Katherine. She is held down on the floor by Katherine while Laura starts tying Maria's legs, arms, and chest with clear packing tape!

Katherine teasingly stands up in front of Maria, takes off her dirty panties, and hands them over to Laura. Maria's cleave gag is quickly replaced with Katherine's dirty panties put over her face as a hood and a red ballgag popped into her mouth from the outside of Katherine's panties!

Maria is made to smell and taste the scent of Katherine's pussy through her humiliating pantyhood. She is put on top of a table where she is hogtied and has a rope attached to the back of the dirty pantyhood tied to her ankles to pull the reeking panties back tight!

The hogtied girl is humiliated by Katherine and Laura taking selfies, making fun of how bad those filthy panties smell and how ridiculous she looks all tied up and gagged!

Included in this clip: tape bondage, cleave gagged, lesbian domination, pantyhose, hogtied tight, panty hooded, lezdom bondage, dirty panties, hogtied on table, bondage humiliation, latina bondage, panty smelling, gag talk, bdsm, gag fetish


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Tags: Ball Gagged Brunettes Double Domination Dress Bondage Duct Tape Bondage Hogtied Humiliation Latinas Lesbian Bondage Panty Hooded Slave Training
Huff And Taste My Dirty Panties!

An Evening Of Gags And Bondage

Katherine Martinez , Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez , Wendy Lopez

Sexy MILF Laura Martinez and Maria have MILF Wendy Lopez and Katherine tied to chairs and OTM gagged with white cloths. The girls each get their OTM gags replaced by one of Maria's dirty socks stuffed in each of their mouths with microfoam tape gags wrapped around their heads!

Maria soon joins the tied-up girls by becoming a chair-tied bondage girl herself. Laura stuffs a huge pair of BBW panties in Maria's big mouth which gets layers 3M Transpore medical tape wrapped around her pantygag to hold the panties inside her mouth!

Laura strengthens the gags of her silenced girls by wrapping layers of extra wide silver duct tape around their tight microfoam tape gags to keep them extra quiet. Maria is then stood up with her back against a pillar between chair-bound Wendy and Katherine. She gets duct tape tied to the pillar and is unable to move!

Laura laughs at her bound bondage prisoners and takes photos of her gagged damsels in their humiliating situation!

Included in this clip: duct tape bondage, sock gagged girls, multiple girls in bondage, gagged girls, chair tied women, multiple girls gagged, latina bondage, panty gagged, microfoam tapegags, bound and gagged, gag talk, tape wrap gagged tight, extra wide duct tape gag, girls tape gagged tight, bdsm, gag fetish


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Tags: BBW Bondage Brunettes Chairtied Double Domination Duct Tape Bondage Humiliation Jeans Bondage Latinas Lesbian Bondage MILF Bondage Multiple Women Panty Gagged Sock Gagged Tape Gagged Teens (18/19)
An Evening Of Gags And Bondage


Las mejores, bendita familia, solo os falta añadir algun vibrador para hacerlo epico. Saludos.