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Our Models / Katherine Martinez

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Katherine Martinez Vital Stats:
AGE:  22
FROM:  South America
SPEAKS:  Spanish
ETHNICITY:  Hispanic
FAVORITE GAG:  Tape Wrap Gag

Katherine Martinez is the oldest stepdaughter of Laura Martinez and the oldest stepsister of Maria Martinez.

She began her acting career at the age of 19 shortly after we hired her stepmom Laura for a softcore fetish project when she was looking for work in a Facebook group.

Katherine had no experience with bondage, gags, or fetish whatsoever but she is a quick learner and acts amazing as a dom and a sub!

Katherine Martinez Updates

Stepmom VS Stepdaughter: Who Can Make The Biggest Gags?

Katherine Martinez , Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez , Wendy Lopez

Laura Martinez wants to challenge her stepdaughter Maria to see who can make the biggest and most effective gag.

Wendy and Katherine are the test models and they have already been duct taped to chairs. Laura decides to go first on Wendy but Katherine keeps taunting Laura and won’t shut up, so Laura tells Maria to gag Katherine in the meantime.

Maria stuffs a couple of socks into Katherine’s mouth and ties a large white cloth over her mouth, and then another large cloth as an OTN gag. With Katherine quiet, Laura starts gagging Wendy. First Laura stuffs as many socks into Wendy’s mouth as she can fit.

Laura then does multiple wraps of clear tape around her head. Laura takes a roll of silver duct tape and does many, many wraps over the clear tape (completely covering it) as big and wide as possible on Wendy’s face. Laura and Maria feel, squeeze and measure Wendy’s gag and asks for Wendy to try and talk.

Now it’s Maria’s turn to gag so she removes Katherine’s OTM and OTN gags. Maria packs as many socks as she can into Katherine’s mouth. Maria does multiple wraps of clear tape around her head and then multiple wraps of duct tape over it. Maria then takes one of the white cloths and ties it OTM on Katherine. Maria completely wraps over the cloth with duct tape - covering it completely!

Maria and Laura measure Katherine’s gag, feeling/slapping it, and tell Katherine to try and speak. Maria’s gag is bigger... As a reward, Maria says she gets to gag her stepmom, Laura, because she lost the challenge. Maria puts one more chair between Wendy and Katherine and Laura takes a seat. Maria duct tapes Laura to the chair like the other girls were.

Maria packs as many socks into Laura’s mouth as she can. She starts off by wrapping multiple layers of duct tape around Laura’s head. Maria gives Laura an OTM gag with a white cloth and then covers that completely with duct tape wrapped over it. Maria then ties another white cloth over the top of Laura’s head and knots it under her jaw.

And finally, Maria ties one larger white cloth for an OTN gag to cover everything! Maria measures and feels Laura’s gag as Laura laughs. Maria says goodbye to each girl by patting their gags with both her hands. Wendy, Katherine, and Laura are left to sit there to look pretty all bound and gagged up!


Included in this clip: gagged women, multilayered gags, chair tied, bound and gagged, sock gagged, mouth stuffed gags, latinas, milf, games and challenges, gagged girls, gagging competition, stepmom and stepdaughter, duct taped to chairs, wrap gagged, duct tape gagged, clear tape gagged, otm gagged, otn gagged, cloth gags, gag talk, duct tape fetish, gag fetish

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Tags: Lesbian Bondage MILF OTM Gagged Sock Gagged Tape Gagged Teens (18/19)
Challenge Who Can Make The Biggest Gags

Bondage In The Shower

Katherine Martinez , Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez

Silly stepsisters Katherine and Maria Martinez are playing games in the shower cabin when their stepmom Laura comes in. Laura tells the girls they have been taking too long in the shower lately, but the girls don't care. Laura tells them to speed things up or to shower together, but the girls say they won't do either.

Laura becomes mad and puts Katherine and Maria’s hands inside socks and wraps duct tape around their hands. She ties the girls back to back with black bondage rope and has them sit down in the shower cabin. Laura turns the water on and the girls complain, smile, and giggle at the same time because they think it's funny.

Laura pours soap on her girls and scrubs them with a sponge. They continue to complain so Laura gives them the choice of being ball gagged or having their mouths washed with soap. The girls choose the ball gags as they do not want their mouths soaped. And when they're gagged Laura rinses them off and leaves her girls cold and chilling on the bathroom floor with their mascara running down their faces!


Included in this clip: made to shower, stepmom and stepdaughters, latinas, ball gagged, running makeup, bondage, tied up, shower bondage, gagged girls, soaped, bathroom bondage, gag talk, giggling, bdsm, silly girls, gag fetish

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Tags: Ball Gagged Lesbian Bondage Tape Bondage Teens (18/19)
Bondage In The Shower

Hogtying The Captive Gym Girl So She Won't Escape!

Katherine Martinez , Laura Martinez , Wendy Lopez

With her hands duct-taped into mitts, her wrists tied behind her back and her mouth taped shut, Katherine Martinez is a captive gym girl who's desperately trying to find a way out of the house she's being held prisoner in.

During her attempt to escape, the two women (Laura and Wendy) responsible for her taking her find her and lead her to the bedroom. They replace Katherine's tape gag with a ball gag and hogtie her with rope to avoid any further escape attempts from the squirming gym girl.

Hogtied Katherine is super frustrated now that her movements have been limited by the two dominant women holding her captive. The two women tie a rope around Katherine's ponytail to the back of her feet, limiting movement even more. They also tie Katherine's toes together and starts to have some fun whipping her exposed soles with a plastic stick - bastinado style!

Katherine grunts and whines with the silencing ball gag in her mouth as her feet are whipped and the two women laughing and humiliating her!


Included in this clip: rope bondage, duct tape gagged, gym girl tied up, bondage girl struggling, ball gagged girl, hogtied on bed, lesbian domination, teen girl gagged, escape challenge, foot whipping, toe tied, hands duct taped, hogtied barefoot, bastinado, squirming damsel, foot fetish, bdsm, gag talk

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Tags: Ball Gagged Hogtied Rope Bondage Teens (18/19)
Hogtying The Captive Gym Girl So She Wont Escape!

The Wednesday Addams Problem

Katherine Martinez , Maria Martinez

Katherine and Maria Martinez are going to a Halloween party, but there's a problem; both of them have dressed up as Wednesday Addams! The girls get into an argument resulting in Katherine grabbing Maria to tie her up!

She grabs Maria and duct tapes her hands behind her back, gags her with a red ball gag, and tapes her legs and her upper body to really constrain her! Katherine undoes Maria's braided pigtails, letting her hair down completely.

Katherine ungags Maria and tells her that instead of going as Wednesday Addams, Maria can go to the party as a duct-taped mummy!

Maria starts protesting but is quickly shut up with both of her own dirty socks stuffed in her mouth, and duct tape is wrapped around her head, followed by duct tape wrapped over her eyes as a blindfold! Katherine then mummifies Maria from her shoulders to her ankles.

She verbally humiliates Maria and teases her now that she has her stuck and immobilized in her cocoon before dragging her off to go to the Halloween party!


Included in this clip: duct tape bondage, ball gagged, duct tape mummification, hair braided pigtails, barefoot, sock gagged, mouth stuffed gag, duct tape wrap gagged, gag talk, duct tape blindfolded, lesbian bondage, encasement bondage, latinas, humiliation, bdsm, gag fetish

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Tags: Blindfolded Lesbian Bondage Mummification Tape Bondage Tape Gagged
The Wednesday Addams Problem

The Ultimate Gagging Contest

Katherine Martinez , Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez

Get ready for the ultimate gagging contest in which two young tied-up girls (Maria and Katherine) will be equally gagged in 8 different ways and try to talk! The gagger is their stepmom, Laura, who is a master of making gags tight and effective!

Each of the girls' gags will be challenging and uncomfortable to wear and most of the gags are multilayered gags made to muffle the girls as much as possible!

Check out the list of all the gags from each of the 8 rounds below and enjoy The Ultimate Gagging Contest!

ROUND 1 - Sock packed and tightly tape wrap gagged shut with clear tape

ROUND 2 - Sock packed, duct tape wrap gagged, and hooded with an OTN bridge

ROUND 3 - Cleave gagged painfully tight with silver duct tape 

ROUND 4 - Cloth cleave gagged and tape wrapped with clear tape

ROUND 5 - Panty mouth stuffed, ball gagged and tape wrapped with clear tape

ROUND 6 - Cleave gagged painfully tight with clear tape

ROUND 7 - Sponge mouth stuffed and tape wrap gagged with clear tape

ROUND 8 - Sponge mouth stuffed, tape wrap gagged with clear tape and fully hooded with silver duct tape


Included in this clip: duct tape bondage, gagged girls, duct tape wrap gagged, clear tape wrap gagged, mouth stuffed gags, sock gagged girls, panty gagged girls, duct tape hooded, otn gagged girls, cloth cleave gagged girls, ball gagged girls, sponge gagged girls, multilayered gags, gagging, bdsm, gag talk, latinas, gag fetish

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Tags: Ball Gagged Cleave Gagged Panty Gagged Sock Gagged Sponge Gagged Tape Bondage Tape Cleave Gagged Tape Gagged
The Ultimate Gagging Contest

Mummifying Stepdaddy's New Girlfriend

Katherine Martinez , Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez

Laura Martinez is on her phone talking with a friend about a new guy she is dating and how rich he is when two girls (Katherine and Maria) sneak up on her and grab her with a handgag! The girls tell whoever Laura is on the phone with not to call back. They hang up and strip Laura of all of her clothes to get her completely naked!

Laura is startled as she doesn't know who these two girls are until they explain they are the stepdaughters of the rich guy Laura is dating and they do not approve of Laura! The stepdaughters gag Laura with a piece of duct tape and start to mummify Laura from her ankles and all the way up to her shoulders with only her big boobs left untaped and popping out of her tight cocoon!

As they now have Laura mummified tight, the girls rip the tape gag off Laura's mouth and tell her to end it with their stepdad. They call their stepfather and hold the phone to Laura's ear as they closely supervise the conversation to make sure that Laura won't come up with any sudden tricks. Laura is scared and she ends the relationship right on the spot.

The girls' mission is now completed, but they want to make sure that Laura understands that they are serious about this. They take Laura's dirty panties (the same ones she wore before she got mummified), stuff them in her mouth and duct tape wrap gags her tight!

The girls do a little playful finger kicking on Laura's exposed nipples and agree to cause Laura a bit of pain. They slowly tilt Laura backward to make her lay down on the floor where they wrap Laura's feet with duct tape so they are completely covered, wrapped, and stuck!

The bratty girls lay down next to their big-titted damsel and play with her exposed nipples some more, finger kicking her nipples while laughing at her! The girls finally attach a pair of clothespins to Laura's nipples, making the whole thing a bit more painful than it already is to be mummified, panty gagged and tape wrapped on the floor!

A couple of high fives mark the mission as completed for the girls. Laura is left bound, gagged, and stuck on the floor in her tight duct tape encasement with her big tits pinned with no one to help her and with nowhere to go!


Included in this clip: mummification bondage, duct tape fetish, tape bondage, panty gagged, busty woman, nude bondage, wrapped up tight, duct tape gagged, nipple play, double domination, milf bondage, brat girls, wrap gagging, gag talk, latinas, tape gagging, feet bondage, duct tape mummified, stuck, big tits, encasement fetish, clothespinned nipples, bdsm, gag fetish

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Tags: MILF Mummification Panty Gagged Tape Bondage Tape Gagged
Mummifying Stepdaddys New Girlfriend

Katherine Martinez Collared And Pantyhose Hooded In Multilayered Mummification Bondage

Katherine Martinez , Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez

As the scene opens, Katherine Martinez is carried into the room by Maria and Laura. She is made to stand on the floor where she is wrapped in white sheets. Silver duct tape is wrapped from her ankles all the way up to her shoulders, completely covering her whole body and the sheets wrapped around it. Katherine's feet are also wrapped up and encased in duct tape!

A thong is stuffed inside Katherine's mouth and she gets tape gagged with duct tape wrapped around her head! Maria and Laura put mummified Katherine inside a sleeping bag and zips it. She is once again made to stand, this time on her mummified feet and with extra support from Maria so she won't tip. Silver duct tape is wrapped around the sleeping bag from Katherine's ankles all the way up to her shoulders to completely cover it up!

Once Katherine's multilayered mummification process is done, she gets a pair of pantyhose dragged down over her head and a posture collar locked around her neck. Duct tape is then wrapped over her already gagged mouth and her eyes to blindfold her from the outside of her pantyhose hood!

Katherine is lifted to the bed where she is made to lay. Laura and Maria laugh at her, they tease her and they humiliate her, giving each other high-fives and joking. Katherine is unable to talk, see and move. She is stuck. Trapped inside her uncomfortable multilayered cocoon!


Included in this clip: mummification bondage, duct tape fetish, pantyhose hooded, tape gagged, mouth stuffed gag, double domination, pantygag, multilayered mummification, tape bondage, collared bdsm slave, latinas, humiliation, tapegag, domination, duct tape encasement fetish, blindfolded, bdsm, gag fetish

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Tags: Blindfolded Hooded Lesbian Bondage Mummification Panty Gagged Pantyhose Hooded Tape Bondage Tape Gagged
Katherine Martinez Collared And Pantyhose Hooded In Multilayered Mummification Bondage

Cheerleader Rivals In Bondage

Katherine Martinez , Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez

Cheerleader Maria Martinez is practicing her cheer moves at home when her cheerleader rival from the other cheerleading team, Katherine, walks in and points at Maria!

A woman in a catsuit enters behind Katherine and goes to grab Maria! The woman has been hired by Katherine to bind and gag Maria!

Katherine takes a chair and sits comfortably watching the woman take care of Maria by tying her up with duct tape! The woman puts a red ballgag in Maria's mouth to shut up her protesting mouth and continues to tie the girl up!

Once Maria is tied up, the woman wants Katherine to pay her. But Katherine says she doesn't have any money, making the woman very upset! The woman grabs Katherine, ties her up, and gags her with a ballgag! She then wraps tape over Katherine's eyes, completely blindfolding her with duct tape - but also over her ball-gagged mouth and around her head!

After Katherine has been blindfolded and had her ballgag wrap-gagged with duct tape, the woman does the very same thing to Maria and so now the two lovely cheerleader rivals are bound, gagged, and blindfolded next to each other!

The woman leaves the two silly rivals to struggle next to each other on the floor, now relying on each other's help to escape this sticky tape bondage situation...


Included in this clip: tape bondage, ballgags, tied up and gagged, catsuit woman, milf, struggling, tape gagged, barefoot, ballgagged, latinas, rivalry bondage, gagged cheerleaders in bondage, gagged girls, damsels in bondage, tape wrap gagged, bdsm, gag fetish

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Tags: Ball Gagged Blindfolded Lesbian Bondage Tape Bondage Tape Gagged Teens (18/19)
Cheerleader Rivals In Bondage


Las mejores, bendita familia, solo os falta añadir algun vibrador para hacerlo epico. Saludos.